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  1. Most people post topics like this in the newbie discussion forum anyway. Good suggestion, but almost impossible to implement without archiving all of the old topics and starting anew.
  2. When i joined this forum i wanted the ability to see the guns being sold and traded in the classified section. I wasn't interested in purchasing guns, but I was interested in seeing different and possibly rare guns. Would it be possible for members with under 100 posts to view the classified section but not post anything whatsoever? Another question/suggestion: Would it be possible for topic starters to lock their own threads without having to wait for a moderator to lock it? This could be pretty useful in the classified section as well as in topics in which the question has been
  3. A Tobias

    KJW M4

    I'm sorry if this has been covered already but I thought I read earlier in this thread that the rubber band had no purpose. I'm probably wrong but i thought that on some guns it snapped and the gun still functioned. What does it actually do?
  4. yes as many different opinions as possible
  5. its somewhat hard to tell how much dimmer the jg is at night is the difference significant or is it just nitpicking? also is an adapter needed to attach this to a kwa mac11?
  6. excellent review! how is the hop up construction?
  7. i can attest for the durability of this gun. my friend has put over 500,000 rounds through this gun with the only modification being a 400 fps spring put in and using a 9.6 v battery it still runs as if it was brand new and the faster spring has not slowed the rof noticeably
  8. they should be about 24 bucks the current generation is all plastic but as long as it is treated well it should last it also comes with a spare fill tip
  9. this looks like a pretty fun toy especially for less than $10 if u had to guess what would u say the fps is?
  10. any word on if it is compatible with classic army mags?
  11. Its great as a sidearm. You just have to determine how you want to carry it. I usually just sling it on my back when im sniping. Its also great as a cqb primary as well.
  12. shouldnt this be moved to the gas pistols and smg section?
  13. is there any other difference between the ksc and the kwa one?
  14. last time i checked this topic had 307 pages..what happened?
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