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  1. I had a brief flirtation with airsoft in about 2005-6, came to Arnie-Geddon in 2005 and ended up joining Havoc's merry band of geardos lol.. anyone know what's become of him? I see he's shown as banned on here (again lol) I don't know why i stopped really, i was going to start up again in 2012 but it never happened. So now in the middle of a pandemic i discover there's a field only a few miles away from me. Time to build up my gear again i think to get rid of the bear belly.
  2. Thanks for the informative review mate, have just ordered mine last week from WGC. Regards Matt
  3. Reservists still use the PASGT - field marines use the Gentex Light weight Helmet (same shape as PASGT but lighter and more resistant to fragments) MICH I believe being used in some units such as FR? at least photos I've seen are alleged to be Force Recon - I may be wrong?
  4. Coyote Brown SPEAR-type Fleece jacket TAG RAID Pack in Coyote Brown
  5. Here's my current set up of my OTV - however this may end up changing.
  6. Here's mine Unissued PASGT Kevlar Helmet with SDS 3-point chinstrap, MARPAT reversible helmet cover, Desert Cats Eye Band, PVS-7/14 NVG Mounting Plate, NVG Arm & retaining strap, Trigger Happy PVS-14 Red Dot Sight.
  7. Here's my little collection - mostly WW2 other than the last 2. Top to bottom M1942 16" Bayonet with M3 scabbard for M1 & M1903 rifles M1 10" Bayonet with M7 Scabbard for M1 & M1903 rifles USMC Fighting Knife mfg by Ka-Bar inc. M3 Trench Knife with M8 Scabbard M9 Bayonet & Scabbard USMC OKC-3S Knife/Bayonet & Scabbard
  8. After reading Elitesniper's review and seeing the positives that are on offer I have also purchased a KWA USPc, which arrived today. Edited as I found my answer on page 35 of 50!! in the search on KWA/KSC USPc's Cheers
  9. Thats a great idea WF as I hadn't thought of that way to zero my ACOG. I hope it works tho.. as it hasn't made much difference at the moment moving it up or down. Why's everyone selling their aimpoints? I think they are great
  10. Na, I want to get it as close as possible to the issue M16A2 carbines, possibly M733 commando config if there's a shortened barrel out there, eventually Hurricane body for it too.
  11. Heres me Brand spanking new CA M15A2 Carbine which came today, totally unmodded at the moment - haven't even got a sling for it yet and am looking to get a paracord one for it.
  12. Here's my M1911A1 which arrived in the post this morning - Woohoo
  13. Guys you put me to shame Anyway this is my M4 RIS - unfortunately at the moment still stock, but do have some plans for it - mainly a metal body and a reinforced barrel. Only addon at the moment is the G&P ACOG Work in progress
  14. As Utti said earlier in the thread you'd have to use liquorice rather than wire on the tripswitches - then it'd cut it!
  15. Sledge - does the bayonet sheath have the wire cutter attachment on the tip of it like the real steel one? I was contemplating getting a real M9 bayonet but obviously not for Airsofting!! Hmmm!! Something else to think about getting Regards Matt
  16. Just got mine from Airsoft Scotland and think that its a great piece of kit (gear) Just enough BBs to recharge 4 STAR M-16 mags at a good price too. Thanks for the Review Shao as without I probably would have stuck with Hi-Caps!! Matt
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