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Hello everyone, about a week ago I was browsing around UNcompany and saw they had the SRC G36. I had wanted to buy one a month before from WGC but they ran out. So I placed my order and couldn't wait till the package came.


About two days after the payment(UNcompany is fast!) I saw the package on my doorstep.



First Impressions





Okay well, its a nice looking box. It's a bit ruffed up from the shipment, but no harm done. So far so good.





Well It's no Marui packaging but it looks pretty safe, I mean I did pay considerablyless, one of those factors is packageing. Still very nice.


One thing I noticed when I first picked the gun up was, "damn this thing's solid!". Very nice feeling, feels almost like the real steel. Stock is a bit wobbly, but when out its folded out its nice and solid. The externals are alot better than the maruis, pretty much the same feeling as the CA.


The detail on the gun is great. Every inch is well defined, well crafted, and made to almost perfect proportions to the real deal. Not to mention that the disassembly pins are very simple, just give them a little push and they get loose. The scope was great. Though its not the standard G36 sights(More like the sights on a sniper rifle) they still work with a little adjustment. The scope also has a rail on the top for the attachment of red dot scopes or other optics. It stays on very well, secured and such, so it doesn't move or shake and cause you to loose your zero.


Another Great thing about the Rifle is it's cocking handle and ejection port is METAL. Unlike the Marui or CA competitors. So that's always a plus.



And like the XM8 it has those great realistic high caps. They feed well and look great.






Well it was time to load up the mags and put in a battery. But there was a bit of a problem... it cant fit mini types! Just too small, so later I'll have to get some nunchucks or maybe a stick battery. But for the time I just used the the foregrip from my marui G36 and an 8.3v 600mah battery.


So Once I set up my target I squeezed off a few shots. One thing I noticed was the huge improvment in the greabox. It doesn't shake like the M4s would before. It also sounds alot better, doesnt really screech. It's no TM SOCOM but it still sounds very smooth.


It's also fairly accurate. The sights need adjusting but it shoots very straight. At 50 feet it was hitting the center of the target with ease.


It can deliver a good amount of FPS as well. It seems to be shooting maybe 300 or more. Great considering im shooting an 8.4v with no upgrades. So this is a very good guns stock. A tight bore barrel would be a great addition, maybe not so with a spring upgrade, considering its battery capacity.





So lets sum up this reveiw



- Great price ($200!)

- Very solid

- Great detail, very realistic.

- Easy to disassemble and reassemble.

- Gearbox is pretty smooth

- Pretty accurate.

- Comes with two great looking hicaps(470rds)

- Big improvement with internals.



- Cant fit mini types.

- No trades.

- Stock is a bit wobbly when folded in.

- Different scope sights than real G36.(But if you get the iron sight version its no problem)



So here's what it is. The SRC G36 is a great buy. It's midway between Marui and CA. The externals are better than marui and almost as good as CA. And the internals are better than the CA but not as good as Marui. But with a price thats far cheaper than the CA and TM competators, about $100 cheaper, with quality that's up to par with the two it's a great deal. My suggestion is to get it. You get way more than what you pay for.


Overall score 8/10


It's a good buy people, It's a great gun for any G36 fan, and with it's price and preformance, it might just be the Best airsoft G36 on the market.



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Psychosis: Could you show me what you mean?


Nuclear: Im pretty sure, im going to poweredge tomarrow, Im gonna see if I can get the mini to fit, if not I think a stick or nunchuck would.


Ghost: Sure, I'll get more pics up later.


chaos: I don't know if I can open up the gearbox(Last time I tried I lost $100) but I can show you the motor and such.

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Big update people



Unfortunately after going to poweredge and trying every battery under the sun I have found that NOTHING fits. Im terribly sorry people, Im trying to see if I can get it to fit with Dremeling but so far nothing. I sent an email to Stti trying to see if I did anything wrong. Again, im terribly sorry.

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