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Pictures of your gear V3.0

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Kliskey, I dont know if you're kidding or looking for a serious name, but it's a German Flecktarn LBV. Looks similar to a Rhodesian/South African type Tactical Vest.


Here's my ###### lately. Again I've had it for awhile. First off, a less glorified, but it does me just as much good as my rifle does out on the field.. my ECWCS. (Extreme Code Weather Clothing System) I live in central Missouri, now call me a complainer, but in Summer it reaches 100 + degrees. And winter, it's colder then Alaska most days.



I don't have specific socks for the system, I just kinda double layer whatever I've got. The under-gloves are a life-saver in multiple respects. They keep my hands cushioned and protected when I take a spill on the rocks or thorns. They also keep my fingers mighty toasty.



Here's one without the hood and gloves. Mainly so you can see the collar, it zips right up to my chin. Its extremely annoying, but equally heat retaining. I dont much care when its in the negative degrees around here.


Next up I have a bit of a scenario piece. My father gave me his Flight Suit, and I'm in the middle of doing a CVC shell conversion, so I figured I'd slap the shell back on the unit and take a picture. This would be ideal for a search and rescue mission, or pilot down, etc etc etc.



It's pretty beefy. I needed a large, that is a medium, and it's an extremely uncomfortably tight fit.



Without the CVC unit up there. Could use some gloves. I used this flightsuit with black waterproof boots and nomex gloves awhile back. Sold the nomex though... D:


Sorry for the poor quality pictures. I was taking them myself. I'm sick and not at school today, so I just woke up and was bored. lol Airsoft pictures ftw!


Hope you guys enjoy. Any questions, feel free to ask.


EDIT :: Skarclaw posted the exact style before I did. My bad Skar, just trying to help others out. :P But ya beat me too it.

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As this appears to be a continuing source of confusion for folks, I'll take the executive decision of locking this thread. Please post loadouts in the appropriate section.


I can't really see why anyone would want to see a picture of an unworn vest (only why someone would want to show off a new purchase, which is unerstandable but generally pointless - there is the gallery for that). Unless there's some serious amounts of popular sentiment to the contrary, I'll keep this closed and ask you use the other thread accordingly.


Thanks. :)

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