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Pictures of your gear V3.0

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Last one was locked. For the love of god, just don't spam. Please.


I know I was guilty of it too, but I stopped. Please do the same - exercise a little self-control and stop it, aye?


Relevant comments are great. Discussion of thing people post is fine, I'd say. But pointless spam, please keep it to a minimum (i.e. none at all).

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Here is my humble collection.


Its pretty much done except I need to get an updated set of suspenders, MAG mags to fill out the pouches, and maybe one more canteen.But ofcourse none of it will be coming anytime soon b/c of prom, also I have to get a TAG Chaos 3 Day pack and some M-Frames first. SO hopefully by the end of June.

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It was in a huge gym, Friday night people were playing basketball. Me and some other guys did a Jack Bauer raid on the place with pistols, funny as hell. All day and night when we would go sit in there for awhile, it felt like we were in an Airborne division loading up in the hanger or something. This place is a summer camp during the summer, and paintball field any other time. It is all woods and cabins.


A guy from Palmetto Airsoft that was there selling stuff followed us (US Forces) around for about a 2 hour recon mission, filming. After he left us, he went and talked to our team leader (top right guy), who was also in charge of the whole Op, that he could not believe he was watching airsofters, he thought we were actually military how we had our fireteams organized, and our movement and tactics. He was just blown away. All the people we snuck up on were blown away too, haha, we were so intimidating.

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Ha, look, I have one of those to! Anyway, heres a pic of all my gear. My friend in a far away land wanted to see it. It is missing my ITS x-draw vest.





And in my garage today I found this, an old ALICE pack I forgot I had.





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