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Navy SEAL Pictures/Discussion Pt.3

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was trying to replicate the ST10 night ops photos from men health, custom DCU shirt wasnt finished in time so i had to make do with an acu shirt


i think its low as well. i am pretty sure that velcro strap in the back is probably resting on your neck. you should mod the 1961A to attach directly to your hugger :)

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To be honest I only use the dropleg rig for CQB games, I wouldn't use that for any kind of greenside ops. I'm looking on lowering the rig anyway by simply putting 4 pistol mag pouch on it and the horizontal utility pouch.


As for the magpuls themselves, I got used to doing my reloads with them, set the way they are it just gives me a good positive grip on the bottom of the mag and then I can easily reload without having to look at what I'm doing and keep my eyes on the target.


Thanks for the comment on the paintjob, that was my first paintjob and I've done it 2 years ago, I never redid the paintjob simply because I love the natural wear that's on it and for where I usually play it it fits perfectly like that.


Well, the Magpuls suits you and that's what really matters. I guess any soldier would do the same. I know a guy in SWAT that has the regular Magpuls and he cut off the loops because he only likes having the rubber there to help him pull out the mags without having the loop in the way, he pulls them out just like you would without anything on them. So its not the "wrong" thing to have some sweet Magpuls on a SEAL loadout when you don't know if the SEAL's really have the exact thing, btw its mostly personal preference on about everythign anyway. :D


If the paintjob works then its awesome, I've done the same, although I need a bit more brown on mine.

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Wait? What??? Hehe, I have no idea of what you're talking about!


Is it the part of how SEAL's and other Special Forces groups use a lot of what they want out of a great selection of different gear, well, at least modifies a lot?


BTW, I'm not that much of a Block 2 know it all.

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Actually, Im working on a new rig. Figured since I have...like...a lot, I want to try an RRV now.


Current kit is looking like something a SEAL would use, RRV and backplate, and the primary is gonna be a SOC16. Anyone know if the mag pouches are two or three channels? That will sorta affect the way I load my rig of course.






Eagle has pics, their double M14 pouch has 4 channels....so yeah. getting that.

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M@@SE: WRONG, utterly wrong. That's not Block 2, thus it's wrong. GTFO!


I heard that... 2 more things arrived for my M4 SOPMOD Block 2 project. Will post pics shortly.

Edit: how about you post WHEN you have pics rather than wasting space on the "series of tubes" known as the interwebs. Seriously.

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Loadout time. Im actually going to try and make this one appeasing to you impression-gods. Which is gonna be hard anywho :D



CB EI RRV Rear plate


CB EI Double M14 mag pouch

CB EI Single M14 mag pouch

CB EI canteen pouch

CB EI shotgun shell pouch

CB EI medic pouch

CB EI smoke grenade pouch

CB DBT radio pouch


Should be fun.

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