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G&P Mk18 Block 2


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basicly its the new fangled Sopmod kits that US SOCOM is upgrading to until the Mk16 (Scar Light) takes over



I know the Iron Sights, Pistol Grip and the rear sling mount is off... also the horride G&P "kool kids" SEAL trademarks


Also i heard the that particluar aimpoint has been replaced (either the Aimpoint M4 or Eotech 553 is the replacement... i forget)







PS. Also the trigger gaurd/




PPS sopmod2.jpg

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Do you have a hi-res of that pic?


and P.S. it's P.P.S. (not P.S.S. ;) )


Nah i found that pic on Elcans Website...


Also thanks for the heads up my mind was on guns ATM (ala the Russian PSS)



Yeah thats a Frog Skeleton... Some SEALs from ST3 (I think.... or was it 10...) Had it sprayed everywhere including the back of there plate carriers







PS tidbit on the wonky receiver... it says Save and not Safe... Seems G&P isnt fond of looking things over... Cal. Mutli come to mind?

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( although having a frog skeleton on my rifle would be rather.. unique)


I think having ANY sort of skeleton on your rifle would be more than rather.. unique.



Painted on, on the other hand... :P



and back to point.. considering that a lot of people go out and paint their gear anyways, often the colour and 'trades' don't make a damn, considering they are going to be covered up anyway.

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I read in AR15 that the first batches of DD MK18 RIS II came in black, but the new batches are in FDE.

The screws on those MK18 RIS II replicas are also wrong they should be with flat screws.


The screws ARE wrong on the replica-but what can you expect at 1/4 the price? The flat head screw doesn't affect the rail, both will hold the lower rail. It's just a very minor detail. The finish and fitment of the replica is great. The only issue is the inner barrel nut. The threads don't match up with TM, CA or aftermarket metal bodies. You need an AR-15 armorers wrench to install the inner barrel. Other than that, its great. Very solid and good price. Uhhh, sorry for posting my pic.

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I agree that the screws are nothing serious I was just stating what a buyer need to change to make it more accurate.

By inner barrel nut I assume you were saying that it is the barrel nut for the upper to outer barrel right? By this do you mean that we need to re-cut the threads of the upper to fit the barrel nut? I have a replica RIS II inbound and I need to know if I need to buy a die to install it on my ICS upper, thanks.

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