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Unholy Fusions

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prepare mortals for the ultimate in CQB sniping, its the H&K MP82A1! Availabel soon from CYMA!!!




EDIT: ill actually try and make a good one later, i threw this one together in like .1211243098 minutes so expect a good one l8r ;)

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Hmm, if that AK wasn't gold and the rearsight was mounted on the receiver instead of the flimsy top cover that would look quite good. Get rid of the Aimpoint though or at least mount it on a side rail.


Strange normally don't like bits bolted onto AK's, they normally look best plain.

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am i going to hell for actually wanting one of these?  :flamed:  lmfaoo!




That would actually be quite easy to build in real steel, you'd need a side cocking conversion to mount the carry handle their though.


But it would have horrible handling dynamics and yes you should get sent to hell for it!

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What kind of photo editing software is being used to make these pictures.  I look at photoshop and the price is around $600???  Is there another version?

We all bought it with our own money *COUGH*


I "wouldn't" suggest downloading it from the internet...


*Looks around for mods*



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