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as promised, high quality pics of my fullsized G36 with long inner barrel!   It now shoots 470-500 fps. I had a max of even 517 fps and I shoot it in my attic while its wintertime in Belgium right n

I suggest you simply buy another mag, and salvage the part. Airsoft buddy sells replacement at ridiculous price     Airsoft Buddy, RA-Tech trigger complete set are $90+shipping fyi.

To start with, you need to go from this: To this: Use something to rotate this thing (I used the pliers end of a multi tool.) towards me in this picture is loosening. When you reassemble, make sur

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Im using stock barrel with an H-nub. Hop is at about 75% up I figure. Getting 370-380 fps with .2s, but I play with .25s. Accuracy is dead on, good to at least 150ft or so if I remember correctly.


Should mention I have the "K" model.

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My buddy and I are running A+ Studio REAPS buckings - him in his WE G39 with extended tightbore and me in my WE M4 Diplomat (a 7" short barrel).  Both of us run 0.30g BBs.  We haven't empirically measured his range, but it's quite far and accurate.  My M4 is getting about 200' out of a barrel only slightly longer than a pistol, running about 360 FPS.  Accuracy is good, but I haven't empirically tested it either.  We'll try and do that some time soon.


In the meantime, pictures of his WE.  I assisted him on the paint, mostly just advising and teaching technique.  He loves this gun...



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I'll pass along the kind words!  We had to dremel away part of the handguard to make room for the suppressor, but it was well worth it.  It's kicking out over 480 FPS now, so he's very careful where he points it.


I love the Elcan on there.  What do you guys think?  He's not a fan...  I have since painted the optic tan, so it may look better now.

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Yup, I have searched far and wide for a decently priced one.  I don't think one exists.  I actually just ended up cutting my standard rail in half.





By all means, please let me know if you do find something.

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