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I'll preface this by saying I'm no WE fanboy by any means; this is my first WE GBBR. Having said that, I'm also not a novice to the GBBR game. I've owned just about every type of GBBR on the market save the KJW M4 and the previous WE offerings. I'm well versed in the sometimes cruel nature of gbb's in general, and also their rifle-sized makes and models (they're cool, but reliable is rarely a word used to describe them...)


So, onto my initial impressions!


I received my WE G36C in the mail today. Placed a pre-order at Airsoft Global (great Hong Kong retailer, would definitely reccomend them). They were among the first retailers to stock the rifle and subsequently when other retailers started stocking the WE at a lower price, they had to adjust theirs. For those of us that paid the higher price, they offered to credit/refund or add an extra mag to the order when they came in stock (most shops have them slated to arrive in the beginning of November. Needless to say I chose the extra magazine.


So the gun arrived in the standard WE cardboard w/ the usual WE markings. I found it a bit funny that the label for the G39C was red and blue (most previous WE labels to my knowledge were just plain silver and black). The rifle came extremely well packaged from Airsoft Global, there was much bubble-wrap and sufficient structural cardboard packaging to keep the rifle, magazines, and loading rod in place during transit.


Upon lifting it from the box I was met w/ a very reassuring weight. Being mostly polymer/plastic (as is the real thing) it's not going to be as heavy as some of your other standard mostly-metal rifles. That being said I feel it is very well weighted. Most of the weight is in the middle, so you won't run into any issues of it being too front or back heavy (in stock form anyway, obviously once you go mounting optics/lights/lasers it's a whole different ball-game).


I must say, I was a bit worried about the overall "rushed" nature of the platform (it apparently only took WE two and a half months from drawing board to final production to get this rifle out), and with the price being so low (~$200 at most retailers, whereas the KSC/KWA MP7 goes for $250). After handling the rifle I've been very reassured that, as far as I can tell, it definitely doesn't look to be a slack-job in the least. Part fitment is extremely good, w/ no wobble on the outside parts at all, and very minimal movement between parts in the internals (however, by GBB's very nature this is to be expected to ensure proper function).



Sadly I do not have any gas at the moment so I'll have to wait until tomorrow before I'll be able to fire it. I can say right now I'll definitely be adding a cushion-type of layer between the bolt-carrier face and the corresponding parts that it touches when it's fully forward. This will be to hopefully prolong the life of the BCG as well as the metal-faced parts it hits upon returning to battery after each shot.


I've camera-batteries currently charging and will post pics as soon as I'm able to!

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as promised, high quality pics of my fullsized G36 with long inner barrel!   It now shoots 470-500 fps. I had a max of even 517 fps and I shoot it in my attic while its wintertime in Belgium right n

I suggest you simply buy another mag, and salvage the part. Airsoft buddy sells replacement at ridiculous price     Airsoft Buddy, RA-Tech trigger complete set are $90+shipping fyi.

To start with, you need to go from this: To this: Use something to rotate this thing (I used the pliers end of a multi tool.) towards me in this picture is loosening. When you reassemble, make sur

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It's like another recent review for an M4 the owner immediately disabled the bolt catch??

For some guns, like the AGM M4, the bolt catch is VERY prone to failure and replacing/disabling it is a "reliability upgrade".


I'm very interested in the WE G39C, if it's any good, it'll be on my next-to-buy list.

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G&P front set for the G36 DOES fit.

Just got that from UNcompany.



That's good news .. no more "omgwtfbbq there's only a g36c!!!!!11111!1!!!!11" comments. But looking at those pictures just makes me laugh at the trigger mech, it looks so out of place :blink:


I really doubt that you'll have problems with the bolt/bcg in that area, if anything i predict the point of failure to be at the "hinge" of the stock, like what happened with the Scar.

You're looking to fix a problem that you don't even know if exists, your solution might create more problems than those that is trying to resolve. I agree with what renegadecow said and that's just asking for a broken loading nozzle.

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Yeah but my point was it was a new review so to disable it without even trying it is pointless IMO.


I didn't say I would be doing it right away, and yes, I'm aware that adding thickness could possibly interfere w/ the nozzle interfacing w/ the magazine. I plan to thoroughly test the gun in it's stock form before making changes/upgrades to it.


Also, as far as the face of the BCG not being a potential problem; it's metal on metal contact. Even if it doesn't happen right away, there's bound to be some sort of negative effect (murphy's law, I know...), as this is airsoft, and the quality of the metals used isn't up to par w/ real firearms (that use metals which can sustain long-term abuse).

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After having a chance to examine the rifle in proper lighting I've discovered that the top rail is made of the same nylon-fiber as the body. I can't speak to the rail on a real Heckler and Koch, but I'd always assumed they were metal. Regardless, the material definitely seems very strong, and I know some other airsoft-manufacturers make their top-rails from plastic/nylon-fiber as well. Time will tell how sturdy the one on the WE G36 will hold up.


Rest assured, the rails on the handguard *are* metal. I magnet tested everything on the outside of the gun, and all the screws (the 3 on the top rail, and the hex-screws securing the rails on the handguard) and the body-pins were magnetic.


The top-rail being plastic actually makes my life easier, as I plan to chop it anyway.

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Received mine today.

Had a quick play and its bloody brilliant thus far!

My jaw actually aches from the recoil, its quite a jolt it gives you.


Anyway, pics up soon with some description going on.


Oh, and for those whining about the trigger mech being the M4 type, its not exactly the same.

There are new parts to it but time will tell if these are reliable.


Currently shooting 400fps on Propane at approx 18C room temp.

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Picture time!




Woot woot, nice package from Airsoft Global.

Need more mags now though.





The mags are seemingly well built, transparent plastic/polymore(?).

There is no way to turn the bolt catch off on the mag like previous WE mags.






Some general pics of the body and mag well.

The plastic looks and feels very good quality.

There are no creaks of wobble anywhere on the GBB.







Some pictures of the trigger mech.

As you can see there has been some changes but it mostly appears to be the normal WE M4 components.

Going to run it stock and see how long it holds up.

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The spring guide.

Nothing special about this part really.






It appears WE have taken a slightly more realistic look to their nozzle than they did with the PDW.

Quite a heavy piece and came quite well lubed out of the box, surprisingly.





The chamber/hop unit.

Adjustable from the top but it is VERY stiff.

Have to use a tool to move it easily.

I havent been able to field it to test accuracy however.





One odd thing I found a bit odd is that the bolt sits quite far away from the body, leaving quite a gap.

This the same as real steel?


So end my round of pictures.

Excuse the quality, its just a normal camera that isnt all that great at indoor pics.


One noticeable bit of glee is that the bolt lock is actually reliable!

The bolt release is difficult to press with one finger, it requires quite a good push to release the bolt.

The recoil is very impressive, puts quite a harsh jolt into your shoulder and actually made my jaw ache for a little while.

Puts my PDW to shame.

Also the selectors are VERY stiff. Not a bad thing IMHO.


Going to try skirmish it this weekend, with 2 mags should be fun.

I think im forgetting something so ask away with any questions you may have.

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