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Videos Thread !

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I'm pretty sure the real .50 BMG are illegal, even here in the US. I know just a few years back the Barret rifles themselves got banned.


.50 BMG rounds are prefectly legal and I only know of three states that have laws reguarding the ownership of 50 caliber rifles. Not that any of this is airsoft related.

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Okay, sorry if this is in the wrong section....


Anyways, I'm on tnairsoft.com and there is a group called Lost Spoon. Lost Spoon makes videos. I borrowed some of their video of an event at Woolen Mills, TN, USA and made this.


The music Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) by The Prodigy.





BTW, It's my first one so reviews and critisism will be very much appreciated.


I don't take credit for filming this stuff. I just took video, cut it and added music.

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