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Okay, guys, so let me tell you this.   I have since gotten in touch with UMAREX and informed them about my issues with the VFC MP7. I told them that I tried it with 3 different sorts of gas as well

Exactly.     I think problem is more simple. Mistake at pin (and it's rails) degree.   Here is the photos:   No Manual Bolt Lock   Bolt Lock Manually   Details

Not that it matters as that warning/copyright paragraph is removed easier than Brazil from this years World Cup.  Surely the power up silencer can't be much heavier than the VFC one, it doesn't make

The intent of my post is to describe the possible causes of weakened FPS during auto fire. 


Obviously the MP7 has no buffer so you won't be able to add an anti bounce device onto it. 


However it is possible to add spacers to the spring guide to increase spring tension.

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The ongoing problem I'm having with mine is that the original nozzle O-ring has swelled and jammed the nozzle during prolong firing. Only after about an hour or two, will it return to normal and everything works normal again. I'm a bit disappointed since this doesn't happen to my MP9, GHK AK, KJW M4 and VFC's responses have been underwhelming.


I went to a local hardware store and bought O-rings of various sizes to find the best possible fit for it but still haven't found it yet and that makes me not wanting to skirmish with it, which makes me sad considering how much I had paid for it.


Would not recommend for first time buyer.

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HK should have lots of O-ring/Seal places.  I get mine from a distributor of industrial O-rings.


Most of the VFC M4s do have this issue, so it pays to have some handy.  Though the newer VFC M4 bolts don't have such issue.


It could be a matter of heating it in an oven to 150*C and re-cure the rubber??? 


Otherwise superglue makes the O-ring stiffer and stuck onto the blowback piston/unit.

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Many one solved the misfeeding issue? Mine is firing/cycling beautifully now but misfeeds terribly no matter what hop rubber I put in it? Nozzle is in great condition and alligned nicely.

Tried god knows how many different weights and brands of ammo but still the same issue. 2 of my friends having the exact same issue too.

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Could somebody throw me in the right direction to where i could buy a npas for the vfc mp7?


I've found this using google, not sure if it works with the gun tho? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/ra-tech-reinforced-flute-valve-for-vfc-npas-adjust-tool-set.html#.VUOh3SHtlBc


I've also read about some brand called Azimuth, but i can't seem to find it :/ 

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