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Always said I'd post up the collection once I reached the point I owned more patches than I could fit in one MSM Mega Patch Book.  Turned out that time arrived sooner than I expected, guess I got some

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Guys, I have a Q.

Though I'm certain I asked before somewhere on this forum, I need some custom patches made.

Quite easy: bright red, yellow. Team designation. Preferably reflective/PVC in that order.


Can anyone recommend me a custom patch store in the EU?




Ot: Of'c I'll post them here... not that it's anything special :)

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Hmm I guess this goes here, I stopped playing the game but I still built this:


Saw some 3d models of the parts, I grabbed them and have them printed ( for a fee ).

I also bought some EL light wire kit and stuck it inside.




The EL kit comes with a voltage converter ( not just a battery box ) that's little too big for the thing, I cut a hole at the bottom to let the wire to pass.




I then screwed the antenna mount thingy and used a popsicle stick as the "bone" of the antenna.



Sanded, primed and painted, I screwed a little bit at the priming and painting part, I decided just fruitcage it and weather it a bit.



added some plastic strips as antenna and heat shrinked to the popsicle stick.UCucUS0h.jpg


Re did the heat shrink part, looks better.

Hmm maybe I will get a small pouch to hide the battery case / voltage converter.xvd58rTh.jpg

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