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South Park Versions Of Arnies Members.


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Roffles. ;)

FYI THIS IS JUST A JOKE! This shouldn't offend anybody, but if you are offended by some teasing ect, please leave. :P



Havoc (Otherwise known as Chavoc) ;)




Ghost Rider (cool B) ) :mellow:




Hardcore (Self-explanitory) :D




Spedz_fx (Crazy d00d) :blink:




Rhino (Big n' tough) :)



MORE TO COME! (After I eat breakfast) INCLUDING:







If you want yours deleted, tell me.

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Hmm... I'm curious as to what mine is going to look like ;)


Incidentally - why does everyone spell my name with a capital G? It's not really a big deal, I've just always noticed it because where there is a capital G there should also be a capital C, i.e. "GazChap" ;) Either that or all in lowercase :P

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WOOHOO that looks awesome, cheers dude :P.




sandiego was their a website you could have done them on ? ..if so put the link up and i might try and do one of my bro :bleh:



How I do them is secret.

You wont find a website.

You CAN give me a description of what your bro looks like.

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