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Lets see your gun rooms.

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They're fine mostly - had a problem with gas leaking on one or 2 of them after a few shots to begin with, but a good strip down and clean fixed em up - would recommend doing that as soon as you get them just to make sure there's no swarf/metal filings in there which could damage the seals, and to make sure they are lubed up nicely.


It's easy enough to do - Catman did a fantastic how-to guide on doing the Kings-Arms moscarts here, the ACM ones are pretty much the same.

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I do not condone pics of me working on rifles on the internet

Esp when im half cut!


Spam is indeed my flatmate.




The clone moscarts are really good, bit of lube to get a couple of em to work nicely, but easy two sec fix, they were just a bit dry

* blatant advertisment * I got em all from LWA Landwarriorairsoft - great shop - and really good guys ( and gal ) who work there ) :) *


Yeah the workshop / Ians bedroom is great - lots of space to work in - lots of storage for rifles and pistols and batteries and ammo and kit and ETC ETC ETC.

We are fast filling it up tho :\ lolo



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It feels like some of you guys actually have more in common with airsoft shops more than most airsofters... I envy you. As for putting up a airsoft gun collection up in own my bedroom... I would love too, but I'm just picturing how any guests would react. Also I couldn't help but notice in a few collections there was a lightsaber as well.

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update from the armoury,


D-boys Scar L CQB



Hurricane HK416


ACM Shotty

Maruzen L96


Maruzen Micro UZI x2

TM 1911

TM 1911 with springfirld armoury metal body kit

TM SIG226 X2 (only one shown)





heres one of the gear too,


EAGLE SKD all MOLLE chest rig CB

EAGLE plate carrier w/c CB


TAG split front chest rig, 1x CB, 1x RG

TAG Special Boat Team flotation vest, CB

EAGLE 3day pack OD

SPEC-OPS PJ medical pack


ARKTIS PSD assault vest

theres more there but i cant be arsed



and one of all the junk, :)



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We have recently had to move everything from the old armoury downstairs due to the impending winter floods so have now started work on the Attic conversion armoury.....

Far from finished but most of the stuff is up there now . We just need to put the rest of the floor down and start sorting out the wall and gun racks ........

There may actually be a reason my friends and family call me "The Lord Of War"


There are a few missing here and another two on the way this week but you get the idea......



Some of the Sidearms we currently have in service



MK1 Minimi and Night vision etc



The loading and work area with the kit currently taking up all the space behind that sofa and under it not to mention all the uniforms which are stored on shelves in the basement



H&K accesories area (haven't taken any pics of the add ons for armalites etc yet



The shotties and accesories



Another one of some of the rifles which also shows a few spaces where some of them are out on loan or having work done on them



At some point i'll take some pics of the tac gear ,uniforms and stacks of magazines (all locap and midcap).

Probably once i've finished the armoury conversion

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Damn you and your large attic. I've got beams all over mine making storing anything other than boxes up there a pain in the *albartroth* :(

I do feel your pain mate 1 I'm bloody lucky we have a decent attic and the best bit is that the landlord has no clue what is up there :P


1st Commando, i like your style :)


Cheers mate ,I can't wait until it's finished

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I do feel your pain mate 1 I'm bloody lucky we have a decent attic and the best bit is that the landlord has no clue what is up there :P




Cheers mate ,I can't wait until it's finished


1st Commando, Do you use all of them regularly? I mean, what do you do with all of them? It's an awesome collection with many multiples of weapons, but do you let lots of friends use them or just play A LOT?

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the majority of them get used a fair bit as we used to play every week although now it's once or twice a month.

The armoury is generally open for the rest of the team to pick from if they fancy a change from thier own selections.

The sniper rifle was finished in a similar digital finish to my M16-A2 carbine which is pictured in the armalite thread somewhere but missing in the armoury pics above.

Our two latest aegs have turned up today to add to the collection which I will photograph once those and some of the others finally make it upstairs.

Hopefully i'll get time to start work on the racks this weekend if we are not playing sunday

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Cleaned up and re-organised our gun room a wee bit and did some DIY work on my rifle stand :D




Ghetto Pimp!




The rifle stand is just basically an old desk which we turned upside down and turned one of the shelves 90 degrees so we can sit in 2 rows of guns.


Fitted on a set of castors last night, hot glued on a bit of camping mat to the base to stop the rifle stocks slipping about and screwed on some scrap bits of wood to keep everything upright :)

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