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i'm new to airsoft, only found out it existed about a month ago. i'm fortunate enough to have a shop 2 minutes from me (airsoft warehouse, top guys with a great store :) )


i've been 'umming and arring' about what to get, i held most of the guns at the store to get a feel for the weight etc. well, with news of the new g&g sa80, i'm going to hold out for that, but i figured as its quite big, i could do with a side arm (and it gives me something to play with for now :D ). tbh i was put off of anything by tm as the ca and g&g stuff felt alot more sturdy and didn't creak like the tm stuff, but when i was shown the mp7 and got to hold it, it felt great. nice weight, no creak, really well made, i was sorely tempted, so much so i went back the next day and bought it.


like ivei'veid, i'm new to all this and i know there are a lot of reviews for this gun about already, but i thought i would give a newcomers perspective.


well i got home, and unpacked it all, it was all nicely labelled and presented in the box (not that i care about the appearance of packaging but it seems there are some that do). the manual is mostly in japanese but does have some 'engrish' instructions, which coupled with the detailed diagrams make everything fairly easy to interpret, even for newbie me!


loading the mag was very easy using the 'tube & rod' that came with the package.

the included charger, dodoesn'tave a cut off but does have an LED on the plug that goes out at around 2hrs (which i assume provides a full charge). inserting the battery was also very easy. you need to make sure the safety is on, for obvious reasons, and the fact that the battery dodoesn'to in if the safety is off, i managed to knock the safety which prevented the battery going in, took me about 10 minutes to work it out :rolleyes:


the front of the gun comes off by pressing a small square button on the underside of the gun, its a nice sturdy fit. once the battery was in and the front replaced, everything was snug, no movement at all.


now it was time to shoot an aeg for the very first time! the magazine goes in very smoothly, locks easily into the mag well with only a tiny bit of movement apparent.


i set up one of the paper target that came with the gun about 10m up the garden at around head level. with a buzzing of excitement and cucuriosity put the safety to single shot and gently squeezed the trigger.... a single plastic bb flys out of the barrel (i can only just see it) and hits the target :D the gun kicked very slightly and made a very satisfying sound. i dodon'tnow if any of you reading this have played 'Battlefield 2' but the tm mp7 sounds very similar to the one in that game. i had a go on full auto, and man, is this thing awesome, bb's everywhere!! well, most hit the target ;) again with a very satisfying sound and little kick.

the total length of my garden is about 20m. i fired the full length and had a play with the hop up. the hop up is a bit of a pain to get to but after a couple of plays you find yoyourselfith a quick 'technique'. the fire selector switch obscures the hop up adjuster ever so slightly, you will have to use just your finger nail to turn it. i played with the adjuster for about 5 mins and got the bbs to fly straight, right out the back of the garden as far as i could see (about 25m) so i'm not sure how far they go before they drop but its at least 25m.


adjusting the sights was very easy and i found both the pistol sights and the flip up rifle sights to be very accurate. the mp7 is as accurate as my friend's ca g36k at 20m. although i'm limited to 20m being the length of the garden, so it may match further?


the fold down fore grip is very sturdy, you can hold the gun and shake it by the fore grip with no wobble whatsoever. the extendable stock is fantastic, it runs on 2 metal rails which give hardly any movement. the release catch and way it slides shows how fantastic the workmanship on the gun is.

id say my only problem with the gun is the lowcap provided holds 50 bbs, which if you fire on full auto last absolutely no time at all even in small bursts (very accurate bursts at that :) ) however, this subjective criticism will soon be remedied as i am told 'airsoft warehouse' will have the 'uzi-stylee' hi-caps shortly.


in conclusion, i'd say this gun is awsome, it's well made, shoots far and straight, the battery lasted me about 25 50 round mags on single shot on a single charge. the gun is also beautiful to look at and imo is light enough to function well as a pistol and with everything extended and the rifle sights up, as an smg.


well, this is my first review of my first aeg, hopefully someone will find it helpful.

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As stated, a good review for a first-time user, by a first-time user. Nice.


In case you care, the MP7A1 fires at a reliable 250 fps out of the box. Perfect for Urban CQB, as not too powerful to leave horrible wounds, but enough ooomf to get the job done.


Also, Star are producing 20-round Real Cap mags in boxes of 10 and 100-round Mid Cap mags in boxes of 5, as well as 50-round standard mags. Tokyo Marui are also making the 190-round Hi-Cap mag with the winding gears, as per normal.

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I just ordered a TM MP 7 from Airsoft Extreme, After I did a lot of reading on this forum and others about the KSC and KWA GBB MP 7. It looks to me when you get a TM; Sure you don't get the blow back kick, That's why I own a WE M4 and WE SCAR for. They are enough of a pain in the you know what. For the BS you have to endure to get the GBB SMG to function correctly after adding a RA Tech adjustable air nozzle to get it with in limits for most field use limits. Then after dealing with the return springs and moding them so they don't come out of place and get mangled. Then praying the plastic gas block dose not crack or brake. Now your left with a airsoft gun that shoots high FPS with fair accuracy that has moderate reliability. I said to heck with it and bought a good gun from a great manufacturer with an excellent track record. I've handled the same TM MP 7 stock and upgraded. I was blown away by how far and accurate this little (stock) low powered AEG/AEP operated. After upgrades which were on par with the cost of most AEG's it was really an impressive gun. For a back up on a sniper load out or CQB, what a great selection. The upgrades out by Laylax and others make the TM MP 7 a really good cost effective platform. There are alternatives in the SMG market, but IMHO few that were as shooter/user friendly and laser straight as this gun. As for it's short comings, IE battery life and placement. There are more than a few options to correct that, with external mounting systems etc.


Why not revive a dead post with new info instead of starting a new thread ;)

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playing over 2 years now with my stock TM mp7 and absolutely loving it.

Range and accuracy are great! Only thing i don't like is that i can literally see the bb floating to it's target :)


I'm still hesitating for upgrading the mp7 as it works good now... i've heard many people say that it's not advisable to upgrade the TM MP7?

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Laylax MP7 Bearing, Laylax MP7 Damper Piston Head, Laylax MP7 Hard Piston, Laylax MP7 Spring Guide, Laylax MP7 Power Spring, Laylax MP7 Tightbore Barre,l Laylax MP7 Damper Cylinder Head,

NINE BALL Airseal Cylinder for MP7A1 / Mk7 / R4 Series Airsoft AEG

All toll AEX says they get 300 to 305 FPS


Since I've messed with a few V2 GB's and the ICS GB's. I wanted a guide to the finer points of taking this gun and GB down. I bought "Mech Box Pro for SMG/AEP". It covers the MP7 take down and upgrade installs as well as popular TM AEP's. Great book, very detailed with a well put together chain of information. I bought it on Amazon, The parts I got from AirsoftExtreme.com ; All but the NINE BALL airseal cylinder. That I found on Evike.com

AEX was out of it.


I should have them all in a week. Till then I'll just keep reading and study the book.

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