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CYMA glock 18c (version2)

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how will I use it? confuddled right here.


anyway, charged it using the shaving plug. can use my multimeter to make sure Im not overcharging it. you can lose efficiency though charger/charging and Ni-mhs dont totally discharge (as far as I know) so there could be some left.


shoots nice, I need to chrono it and look at some upgrades.

I fancy a laser sight and silencer and high cap mag.

i bought 3 extra standard 30s just now.


oh and a holster :P


any suggestions/links welcome.



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I played with the Glock at my game of Sunday.


I was very please with it, and no problems to report. Fired about 4 mags in total and got a couple of kills. The range is about the same as other pistols, but it takes the BB a long time to get there, full auto gives a good rate of fire, loading the BB’s is easy using the TM copy speed loader and the battery shows no sign of tiring after 4 mags but I wouldn’t expect it too either.


That’s about it, nothing went wrong, it feels solid, didn’t misfeed once, switching between single and auto is easy and is a dependable side arm, if a little short on power.

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180 FPS doesnt sound to pleasing (if it were me).

I wont get to use mine til this sunday coming.


Charged the battery for 2.5 hours, took a multimeter to it and read 8.3v.

fired 4 magazines through it in the house. 2 semi, 2 full.

dropped to 7.2v. It felt 'rapid'.


Anyone looking to modify theres?

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I second that :)


Any one with any issues/mods/upgrades, I think this is the thread to fling it in.


Since I didnt get to my local game yesterday *rage* I decided to do some cleaning and put some boxs etc up the loft. Of course, Im noted for my 'brain-waves' :P and there it was ..."why dont I set up a target in there?"


Indeed, why dont I - so I did.


Let off a couple of rounds and I must say, this pistol packs a punch. My friend came over on Saturday and decided to take a hit in the belly - a nice big welt at 8ft in his stomach.


I've ordered a 'basic' laser (to fit underneath) and was considering the RIS rail, but so far I've hesitated in buying the spring upgrade.

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Just got mine and I'm really happy with the purchase.


Quality is right up there and performance lies between my GBB's and Springer Pistols. Should be perfect for out New England semi-arctic weather. Certainly a lot of shots out of a batter charge. Now its time for about a half dozen more magazines. Should work pretty well in the CQB area.


Nice weight as well as build materials. When I put it next to my KSC G19C it's hard to tell the difference, looks wise (even with the lack of trades).

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You can get the 100 rnd magazines from airsoftshooting (ebay) cheap enough.


I bought the 9ball spring and put it in myself. It feels more powerful but havent really tried it in the field - just at home.


Im not exactly sure, but a small rubber ring that must be on the hop (but not the rubber hop itself) came off mine and when I put it back in, it was causing blockage so I've kept it out- It caught on the two clips at the top of a 30 rnd magazine when I pulled it out.


I tried my gun in the field the first time and was a great performer. Second time, it wasn't feeding all the time.

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