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    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Yep, it's a KHC maverick Model 88(bullpup mossberg M500/590) http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/?filnavn=/r...rick_review.htm I thought it would be bigger I heard the pump action was difficult as well, along with the model being very heavy but I'm not having any trouble with either. I do use airsoft shotguns frequently, including the TMs so I assume I'm just used to it (although using a verticle grip is new and somewhat awkward), I love this model so far it's only $100 a barrel Donut.
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    Rate the news posted here

    Bit late but shouldn't everyone not be able to rate their own articles? at least the ratings would be somewhat less biased coming from the readers rather than the reporters.
  3. Anteater

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Yes but I was just going to do it from wood( 'cause that's what I got) Now your's just needs another inch sticking out the front for the barrel and a poisonously purple paint job!
  4. Anteater

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Yes, if they can fire out of the little hole in the front of the elfin's "barrel". So long as it's a tanaka based shell and the right size it will work. Fired at 5 sheets of old computer paper(the wide kind with green lines that was used in the old slow, screeching printers) from 10feet away, 5 shells total of 13bbs(2 shells only hold 2 bb) and I had 2 total hits firing 3 bbs from 1 shell grants a silly ring of 3 bbs about 4-5feet apart from each other and I was seeing bbs go about 15 feet and that would be pushing it. Hopefully thursday I'll find an hour or two to make the grip and barrel for it and then when I get more time make my own guns for these.
  5. Anteater

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Sorry about that, it's the elfin knights, an airsoft model that fires tanaka shotshells which are precharged and hold 2-3 bbs, the fill valve is on the back of the tanaka shell where the primer would be, instead of a firing pin its just a nub that sticks out and pushes the area around the fill valve which releases all the gas into the shell(requires a special loading key so you can charge it with gas without purging it as soon as the nipple finds the valve) when you pull the trigger The eflin has no barrel. BBs and gas discharge directly from the tanaka shotshell into the air in an impressive plume of gas but less impressive bb plume with no barrel it barely punches through paper from 2 feet and often the bbs bounce back at you. It's uncomfortable to hold and the trigger pull is pretty hard since there is no hammer the gas in shell is discharged based on your trigger pull(slightly less using duster, to slow of a pull results in a purge because the gas is released slowly and there isn't enough pressure to push the BBs forward so the gas shoots back at you) and I thought I was going to break the thing to fire it the first few times until I got reassurance I wasn't going to from the last owner but the whole thing acts like a puny airsoft grenade launcher and I will be making a grip extender that uses the lanyard loop with a pin to secure it and a 1.3 inch barrel from a 8mm copper pipe with 1.8 plastic pipe for an outter barrel so it should remain fairly pocket friendly and get a major proformance boost over having no barrel The 42 red 12ga shells are gameloads from one of my own shotguns, they fit inside but cannot be fired, I thought they seemed more impressive on the counter than the 7 ugly green tanaka ones. I think this model is based off a 12ga flare gun though Skirmish wise, the bang rule has a more effective range but elfin knights is alot of fun to use. And I'm pretty sure it is discontinued, I think all the elfin knights' models are limited runs but it's likely they just move on to the next models so they only make a few model types at a time rather that continuously producing new and old models which would cost alot of money, time and take up alot more space for a small custom maker but like some others they may restart production on older models during a lull in new models.
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    What does warn 0% mean?

    It means you have 0% warn points. You receive warn points for breaking forum rules. Only you and the moderators can see the percentage or read the description
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    Anteater Misc

    For when Photobucket stalls

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