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  1. When a +/- warn point is created there's an optional PM blank in the lower portion of the "create warn window" that we can fill out with an explaination and/or notification, usually isn't filled out, usually to save time which is usually canceled out by explaination PMs. While no explaination or notification was given to you when you received the warn I think the post the mod made in the thread seemed a bit obvious, sort of a "you know who you are" rather than naming names since warn points are supposed to be anon. The spam should have been removed from the thread also. I'd be a bit
  2. Marlowe changed the picture section so posts do not count there, people saying "nice gun" to get 100posts. But I think general in general got changed by mistake along with it though. I'm not allowed to say "Marlowed" anymore So if someone else could please...
  3. Didn't see it. It likely depends on how it was written, might have looked more like a sale thread than a appraisal so a global mod removed it. Sale threads are only allowed in the sales forum so anything outside the sales forum that looks like a sale gets removed.(you can put items in your sig but they're supposed to have a link to an actual sales thread here too(part of the reason alot of people's sigs get removed.))
  4. Happy birthday greg!

  5. *Verbal abuse goes here.

  6. tread, You've got the tags wrong. The size and color tags should be wrapped around the text "STANAG AUG? Suits you Sir!" not around the URL tags Like this, [url="http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=172485&st=0&p=2155280entry2155280"][color="#008000"][size=4]STANAG AUG? Suits you Sir![/size][/color][/url] Looks like this, STANAG AUG? Suits you Sir! I reccomend next time typing out whatever the title or shown text first, highlighting it and adding whatever effects you want such as size, color, bold ect. then highlighting the whole t
  7. Oh, don't worry. You wernt invited it was jsut a general statement.


  8. We're going to disney world!

  9. Happy birthday!

    Could've sworn you already had one though?

  10. Hedge, you've been spoken to before about your signature size and in that thread you did sort of make a big fuss about yourself being above the normal flock didn't you? MDK's post is very tame compared to the ones you made then and many others. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=139613 Trumph card! (technically it refers to the sales section but same difference.) If a global or admin edits a post or the rules they wouldn't usually leave edit tags or a time stamp, so they could change/update the original post and not notice that they've left no footpr
  11. Happy birthday chris.

  12. Bit late but another option is to use google to search the website. If I wanted to look up Uzi related topics posted here on arnies I would type the following into google's search bar: [uzi site:arniesairsoft.co.uk] or Uzi site:arniesairsoft.co.uk and I'll get search results of the topics with Uzi in them. Put the keyword you want to search followed by SITE: and then the website. You can do more than one keyword to make the search more specific. uzi TM site:arniesairsoft.co.uk or uzi+TM site:arniesairsoft.co.uk Would get results only relating t
  13. Happy birthday *Ubar* :)

  14. Wouldn't really matter if it's toxic, just about anything can cause infections especially if you don't wash or flush out any residue left behind. Not really interested in confining anything to one type of play either, cheaters are not that big of an issue that that's the only alternitive. Just tell yourself you "killed" them and a that new player magically took his place, 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th time's a charm. That or maybe it's time to lace the admin so he wakes up.
  15. Don't really care for the idea but that's because it's only a tiny mark since only a small part of the bb will even hit and I don't think it will really stop cheaters since they can just clean it off and go back to cheating. Most you can hope for this is if someone isn't sure they were hit they could see the little mark but then generally if you think you're hit you're supposed to call it anyway. Wondering what would happen if the coating got into a open cut/wound from a higher FPS hit, infections?
  16. Yep, it's a KHC maverick Model 88(bullpup mossberg M500/590) http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/?filnavn=/r...rick_review.htm I thought it would be bigger I heard the pump action was difficult as well, along with the model being very heavy but I'm not having any trouble with either. I do use airsoft shotguns frequently, including the TMs so I assume I'm just used to it (although using a verticle grip is new and somewhat awkward), I love this model so far it's only $100 a barrel Donut.
  17. Pocket monster.

  18. Large soda and extra large cat named Milo.
  19. Happy birthday Lon!

  20. Yellow hamburger is sponge.

  21. ......

    I hope you meant oso de hormiga.... 'cause I am not as big as a *mountain >:/

    *Makes explicit "where the sun don't shine" comment


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