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  1. What the hell did I just watch? So weird but actually that lip reading kinda works, to the GF it will be sent! Also one of my 'special Sunday clubs' is on tomorrow, that never fails to make me smile! 'FireKnife'
  2. Eh, I have neglected my posting duties. Something about a job, full time partner, open relationship, dodgy shenanigans and revising for an exam pull me away from here. Though I do like popping by and seeing what people are up to . 'FireKnife'
  3. Yeah, I play with a 310fps G-Spec and a green dot now, because reasons: And of course the obligatory blurry action shot: That one was taken as I sent a single 0.28g under an old jeep, into a guys foot to get the hit. 'FireKnife'
  4. Afternoon all. Well what has made me happy, well: - Passed my Microsoft Server 2012 R2 exam first try. - Had a great game of airsoft the weekend just gone. - Busy every night this week with something fun. - Work is mostly going well with lots to progress. - Found a place to get my favourite adult 'filth'. - John Wick Chapter 2 was great fun to watch. And that is about it for now, that and waiting on the HK45 Tactical and seeing how that WE Colt Cub .25 goes. 'FireKnife'
  5. Week off, it's the Fringe and one of my favourite acts are playing! Also got the flat to myself soon before the missus is back, got a kinky weekend planned and not much else to be honest but all of the above makes me happy. 'FireKnife'
  6. When you have seen a plush Pikachu full of *rickrolls* you worry a bit for the world. Plus as much as I love Fringe, tourists I don't love so much. Especially now more of them have phones to gawp at. 'FireKnife'
  7. Well in the last week I have managed to: - Get the full deposit back on my previous flat which I never thought would happen. - Borrow the company car for the whole weekend to finalise my move. - Not break anything at all moving into the new flat. - Worry about my job security then find out I am doing 'outstandingly' and aside from the usual room to grow am putting in lots of effort. - Found out I will indeed get a raise that is above the average expected. Huh, so if only the last bit of the '*fruitcage* this week is going to be hell' goes well and I can tell two friends they need t
  8. Yup, more 1911s is always the way and one day I will run all of them for the sake of it . Still it reminds me that I regret selling my PX4 and need to get a 5-7 but ah well, also want a 4.3 Hi-Capa too. 'FireKnife'
  9. Speaking from experience, I did work with people that had what the council term 'mild disabilities' as in enough for benefits but not enough to need 24hr or specialist care and they called each other a retard all the time. Suppose it is a bit like the N word, used all the time but only between people that it is meant to offend is it deemed 'ok'. 'FireKnife'
  10. Black Books was brilliant, also that reminds me went to see Dylan Moran here in Edinburgh a few months back and he is hilarious, plus didn't realise he lives in Edinburgh now? Quoting BB is a bit difficult though as it is not that common a comedy for people to have seen, though moments like 'naughty passport hiding in the crisps again' and 'we said we wouldn't talk about Canada' are just perfect. Also random edit but I just decided to click on a Redwolf review as it was related to a product I am looking to buy and ho-boy does it make me laugh so hard at all the *suitcase* they come ou
  11. Well, no not quite, but indeed it did start as a prison colony and then moved on. Though I do agree on only two things about UK prisons, one they should be used as a workforce like the US ones and two a prison should be a prison not a holiday camp and not a replacement for the poor sods that have nowhere else to go due to a combination of Tory Government / bankers / people voting Brexit / unnecessary conflict / other stuff (delete as applicable). 'FireKnife'
  12. Personally I am still in favour of the 'dump prisoners on an island' option, then they can fight and *fruitcage* amongst each other etc and just drop enough food for 75% to start then 75% of what is left, then 50% of what is left, then keep going as mor batches get added and 'removed'. That or use them for checking for hostile explosives in another country we shouldn't be at in the first place, given the choice I would rather a convicted moron than a family man of two kids and a wife goes bang. Failing that find Britains 'worst' city or one that is in need of repair, or has a natural m
  13. True but I have long done GTA V, Serious Sam isn't out on the PS4 to my knowledge, Saint's Row was good up to a point and then annoying as all hell and Painkiller I haven't gotten round to yet. 'FireKnife'
  14. Party Pad? Might it happen again? As for me well I am glad that the new Doom exists, because games are too serious now, all thinking they are great and 'realistic' while still trying to entertain and blah blah, pish and ballderdash. But yes I like having a stunning looking game where I have to get from A to B by running, killing all the things and listening to heavy metal, who doesn't want that? 'FireKnife'
  15. Ok so in the last week I have learned that at least half the UK airsoft shops are a poor excuse for a business. I have had one not reply to my emails, one that hasn't got a proper stock update, one that tells me an item is in when it isn't and finally one that is just over-priced and ignores my emails. So much for me finding magazines for the gun I am after, but ah well, made me learn to just strike said shops of my list of places to buy ever again . 'FireKnife'
  16. Erm, anyone got a CZ P-09 Gas magazine laying around they want to sell me? Everywhere either only has the CO2 one or wants a stupid price / p&p for the gas one!

    1. Skarclaw


      pro airsoft supplies have the gas pistol in stock - not sure about mags BUT the pistol isn't listed on thier website so may be worth a go if you haven't already

    2. FireKnife


      Huh will give them a try but odd not to put the mags up though if they have 'em?!

      Lots of places have the pistol but only the CO2 mags which is a shame.....

    3. Skarclaw


      They have loads of stuff in the shop that isn't on their website - just one of those things I guess.

  17. Got's me a new pistol, this makes me happy, got it for a great price, this makes me happy, fits me well, this makes me happy, it is a working version of one of my favourite modern designs, this makes me very happy. Now to just find mags for it, anyone got a gas (not CO2) magazine for the KJ / ASG CZ P-09 lying around they can sell me? 'FireKnife'
  18. But only when being chased by a fake T-72 down the streets of Pinewood Studios . 'FireKnife'
  19. Why is it so bloody hard to find a sensible priced one of those Madbull compensators that you get? Only want it for one of my 1911 design ideas :(.

    1. NonEx


      What color you want and define sensible price.

    2. FireKnife


      Either black or silver, and sensible as in about £15 total, not £12-15 then about £10 postage that places are charging!

    3. NonEx


      I have a silver one new in packaging that I can sell to you for 15 GBP flat with shipping :D

  20. DarkLite's post reminds me of a day when a certain retailer was praised and considered highest in the UK while another was considered trash and awful. They are less than 50 miles away from each other. Flash forward to now and I have seen the scales switch, one bcoming better, the other clearly much worse. Well I get discount from one of them and they are cheaper overall so might just stick with them then, so much for a good business staying good. Glad we have somewhat more options now . 'FireKnife'
  21. I was surprised but there are some very interesting Hungarian people out there, they always seem to be the more whacky and accepting of the people I know, though all the ones I know are my age so perhaps it is a 'being young and in Edinburgh' thing . As for my weekend, orgy, goodnight y' all. 'FireKnife'
  22. Do what I did and go spring. It runs on the power of water and a few light snacks in the morning, means I never forget my 'running power' either. Hell even gas is easier as most places sell a can of it, stupid batteries. Now to sell one last pistol, then I can cut out the need to buy Ultra and just have Green and 144a?!?! 'FireKnife'
  23. Always go full HK, never a bad thing to go full HK. Even if they do have some dubious dealings in the past, like all major firearms companies . 'FireKnife'
  24. That reminds me, ever since I went into external customer facing IT, I have started to drink a lot more coffee. Still love my job and lets me live the life I want, bonus . 'FireKnife'
  25. What did you order from them? They have been a bit lazy on my last few orders but I suppose I could have ordered it for a £5 more elsewhere and got it a day earlier so it ain't so bad. Though it did take them until the fourth item that I asked on before they gave me a reason rather than just a sudden update to 'package sent'. 'FireKnife'
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