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  1. Need longer straps for a clone ops core, any suggestions?

  2. anyone know if there is guide to converting 6pin Sordin lemo connector to 5 pin PRR lemo?

    1. Bando


      a bolt cutter


  3. T1: Op Sandstorm on Friday! Cannot wait

    1. Azubi


      Have fun! I wish I could make it!

    2. Vice


      Don't want to rub it in, but its going to be better than blackheart and jawbreaker

  4. A&K - Where's my PKM?

    1. aznriptide859


      A&K WHERE IS MY MG42?!

    2. WhiteHawksan


      You know what? Where's my money?!

  5. How to waste an evening part 1: Fitting R Hop contact patches

  6. Dont you just hate it when project plans get scuppered :(

  7. Brand new Romanian AIMS at home, 2 hours left at work :(

    1. Azubi


      I've just ordered one myself but I am going to convert it into a MPi-KMS-72


    2. Vice


      Mine is going to become Bromanian by combining it with AMD65 bits

  8. Managed to split a midcap in half by overloading it today :)

  9. Wood kit + G3 = done :)

  10. needs a long M5 bolt, like an M16 stock bolt, but 4cm shorter. Any ideas?

    1. Teekoo


      buy a long bolt and cut it?

    2. Vice


      Most long bolts I've seen only have the first 1-2cm threaded. The rest is just a bar..

  11. Trying to source a wood furniture set for a PKM; anyone got a good supplier?

    1. WhiteHawksan


      could try cobbaton combat collection, he has various de-acs/furniture etc in all the time

  12. Just received another G3 in the post...

    1. FireKnife


      Randomly or was it planned? :P

  13. needs 40 7.62 magpuls, where would be the cheapest? Links please

  14. How does a BB and an extra spring get in a customer's Gearbox?

    1. gijohn2
    2. FireKnife


      You sent it to Z1?



      theyre just cool upgrades, extra ammo and more spring power!

  15. Its sad when you're forced to buy from HK as no UK shops have what you need

  16. is off to F&O Anzio on saturday :)

    1. Azubi


      Enjoy! Dunno if you have been there before but it's a good place.

    2. Vice


      Had a great time. First time there and was impressed by the site and more impressed by the players. No cheating, cheat calling or ######. Top class :)

    3. Azubi


      Glad you enjoyed it! When I am back in the UK it is my usual site these days and I love taking new people there because it gives them such a good first game.

  17. is off to F&O Anzio on saturday

  18. Needs a metal spacer which sits between the body and mag catch on an AK74

  19. Cant find G3 midcaps for a reasonable price :(

  20. Broke a second G3 stock, 5 metres from where I broke my first

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. hwagan


      I'd buy an AR15.

    3. faramon


      or maybe just not take a G3.

    4. Vice


      Next time I'm taking wood or RS Polymer.. now I have the mounts for two stocks :dry:

  21. "Downgraded" a cyma ak today with an m90 spring... It's now shooting 390FPS :(

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    2. DarkMM


      Happened to me once with a Dboys. The foresight had been fitted badly and caused the inner barrel to kink - gave it a similar effect as the 2pounder littlejohn adapter. I needed a hammer and vice-grip to remove the original inner barrel. :)

    3. Vice


      It was chrono'd indoors so I'm going to see what it is kicking out tomorrow morning. I have had an m100 delivery over 400fps before consistently - so I think it is possible

    4. MrM60


      My CYMA is shooting 450 with the stock spring...

  22. Needs a V3 trigger bar for a friend's busted RPK - can anyone help?

  23. M24 shooting 430fps with 110 spring. Got air seal? :D

  24. Needs 30 7.62 Magpuls - can anyone help?

    1. Banshee_Will


      uk tactial has 7.62 magpuls in stock, sells them in packs of 3. they have 10 sets in CB

  25. needs a source of FG XTM rail covers for max £1/panel. I need about 20 for my G3!

    1. TheFull9


      No no no, you're doing it wrong. All the cool kids do it by putting on some full sized panels (like the XTs) then putting on a few XTMs/Ladders to fill the gaps. :P

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