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  1. R.I.P Amy Winehouse

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    2. evansy


      Amen CKinnerley.

      We only sell two sunday "news papers" at work one of which is the star which had half the front page devoted to the junkie. The events in Norway got a 1/4 of the reaming space.

    3. WhiteHawksan


      you know what my standing memory of Amy winehouse is? Her barely able to stand on glastonbury stage she was so wasted. Congrats to a life well led...

    4. danielsilva


      In one of our news channel about the news "She was trying to bake a cake, because she was found with her nose full of flour" .... AH, black humour on prime time.

  2. I need a box mag for my m4

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    2. Bane


      Build a backpack full of BB's and have a hose running to the magwell of your gun.

    3. hwagan




      i'm not sure if that'll fit an M4, though.

    4. FireKnife


      Learn to aim?

  3. waiting for mt p90 to arrive

  4. Not sure if these 2 count as the base is a 1911?
  5. Let me guess goggles only and you take a hit to the face with a bb.
  6. AirsoftAddict


    heres mine. Its started life as a plastic JG m16 a3 but now the only original part (internal or external) is the carry handle. everything has been upgraded. (its cost well over 600) I have hardly used it, its not overly accurate and all I wanted was a metal m16a1. I should have just bought one of those to start with instead of trying to come up with my own crazy pimped out version . still I love her
  7. i was board so i spreyed up some of my spare grips, whic looks better the red, brown or blue
  8. for somebody who uses pistols as my main indoors, the aep's have no power so cheating gits act like they cant feel it
  9. Its grey, different shades, one is kinda greenish though
  10. here it is, i tried to do something totally different and it did not work so i just quickly did this by way of trying to recover the mess i made
  11. i will do that once i figure out how to actually get the stock off without mashing the gun up.
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