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  1. It's amazing how impatient some airsofters are, allowing just 5 working days for international delivery with standard airmail and threatening to lesve neg feedback if they don't get a refund today... Makes me want to just give up and get a regular job :/

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    2. RSM


      Honestly speaking these days I don't care how long something takes to get to me as long as I know up front what the likely time from order to despatch is and the lead time based on current postal nonsense e.g. if I order something from WGC, as long as I know it's in transit I'll binge on Netflix till PF demands some money off me.

    3. Azubi


      Bellends everywhere.

    4. renegadecow


      Hell, I'd be plum happy just being assured whatever I pay for actually gets to me.

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