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  1. phoenix please don't strip!
  2. I am, have the graphics been updated?! those look great, I havn't played source for a while though.
  3. Post your pics of local skirmish sites, either when playing , or just the fields.
  4. Yeah ,but you can run the hi capa on green.
  5. Hoe do you become an Arnaholic member?
  6. Yep got it, thanks for the help!
  7. I would buy some stuff, any update Arnie?
  8. Yes I agree with everyone above, AS are IMO the best retailer, they offer the quickest shipping and have a wide choice of stock. The staff seem friendly and helpful. You wont regret ordering with them.
  9. how do I save it as a JPEG? I think it only lets me save as Bitmap.
  10. Where do they sell G3A3 airsoft guns?
  11. Yeah, maybe next to the NEW TOPIC button , this will help dtop newbies posting again,
  12. I want to upload an avatar I got sent but it says this type is not allowed, what should I do?
  13. Yeah thats great, easily as good a BF 2
  14. cpaxton

    New Toy

    Oh yea , doesnt that use p-90 rounds. They have that in counter strike if I remember correctly, How much did it cost? What will you use it for? EDIT: sorry just read what you wrote!
  15. Dont drink much beer?! In the pic there are 2 x30 packs!!
  16. Krazy L how do you get the money for those guns if you are a teenager!!?
  17. They look like springers to me.
  18. Yeah you have so many nice guns, any going spare! What is the Spas like to fire, how many bb's at a time?
  19. Nice gun havoc, did you paint it?
  20. Nice gun, how much was it? I am guessing the aim point is replica?
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