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UK Police Armed Response/CO19

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Most have S&W's (the nice stainless steel ones too) I'm pretty sure I've seen a few sigs strapped to the belts of the guys in tescos too. Its a bit odd when you go into tescos at 3am and theres a couple of armed police staring at the pork pies and sausage rolls :P




I disagree, sounds like their natural habitat to me :D

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I disagree, sounds like their natural habitat to me  :D

yeah, emergency services are often found forrageing in the 'to go' sections of 24 hour convinence stores :)


and syp use s&ws, they dont like glocks, apparently thier slippy when wet (according to a reliable source) [reliability varies directly proportionally to pint consumption and desires to big self up]

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OK when you're talking kit, the basics would be


Black S95 Overalls or shirt and trousers. Or blue if you're going for London CO19/Armed response


Some form of black ballcap or a black PASGT


Black Tacticool boots.


Black assault vest.


Guns, HK weapons mostly so MP5s etc and a nice cheapo sidearm a Glock.


EDIT: Oh yeah www.flecktarn.co.uk you can find most kit.

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