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Motivational Posters A4


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great work guys


that tokyo dirft one was epic win!


too bad i cant save the whole animation, it stops half way DX *someone help DX*


anyway, some random ones I made









Yes, that last one was my best friend and I. Yes she called me a dumbass. Yes it was because i waved hi to a teacher. No i wasn't quite happy at her for a while as a result. Awsome gal, btw :P

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There are so many re-posts in this thread now.


Every Repost is a Repost Repost.


And of course, someone will Repost a Repost Poster, thus Reposting a Repost Repost Poster in order to show what Repost Repost Repost Posters are like.

































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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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