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Wait, why the gun for a character who's known to weild a sword? And one made of blood at that.


Lol they had the sword and I am editing a picture of it ... but just before we left the house I was like ... wait quick there's two of you ... I wish for stupid Alternate Universe The One Execution shot XD


... I take stupid pictures a lot man xD

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Cool! Is that a wood forend or is it painted? Was just thinking about how to get a real one to fit when the old M3 part behind it still is left on the new m870.


Anyway, heres my painted gun wall to match the "street guns" ;)



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Hehe, heavily Hardline inspired. And hey, Terminator 2.


No sold it all, kinda took a break when our arena died. And besides, there are allready so many doing the exact same thing out there, over and over.

Building heist and bad guy setups now. Mostly lurking around below the radar, building armies and heavy RS modded GBBs. Pics will come in time! ;)


This is allready old now but it took off from here with new team: http://www.grimnyberg.se/?p=4037

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I drew a picture. Have to wip out some white out to correct some lines and smudges, but I like the way it turned out.

Going to transfer it to a canvas painting starting tomorrow. In full color (which is just blue really...).



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A couple of pics of my wife we took for this years G&G Photo Contest. Please excuse the ridiculous poses, we tried to replicate the logos of G&G's Femme Fatale series.

PS Shameless plug - you could give the photos a like and help in the competition here:




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