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Artistic Airsoft

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Not that this in anyway compares to Lord Sex's master peice, The Badger presents his humble offering





I see no badger in that picture :angry: I was expecting a furry mammal running around with kit and an airsoft gun ripping people limb from limb... You Sir Badger, have thouroughly ruined my dreams <_<





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Lord_Sex, that's my new desktop, kick *albartroth* bit of work. Xander, the lighting differences in the 1st and 3rd do make you rather stand out alot, however the middle one I like, end of the day they're a much better effort than just banging up a standard photo with one filter over the top of it.

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The back one is my teammate, and I really liked the shadowplay. It gives the pictures something evil...




This is also a nice picture, due to the light of the chandelier.




Our objective =D




This really has some movie-alike allures.


All pictures courtesy of AirsoftCustomEvents.

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