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What music are you currently listening to?

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Army of the Pharaohs - Narrow Grave


i’m a scientist in the lab, with a violent twist and a gift of gab

Pharaoh tongue that can slash through your clique and stab

From the days where you carry screwdrivers in back pockets

In case you had to prove that your crew liver

We was painting on your property

And until this day I still got rookie n***s out trying to copy me

Planetary n***a, Q-D original, smooth criminal

Smash your mental, bruise your physical

It’s something about the evilness of this track

That makes Heaven’s gates close and the tabernacle crack, in fact

It separates all the lies from the facts

And makes you see the light right before the sky turn black

It turns boys to men, it turn toy soldiers to generals

Innocent mother *fruitcage*ers graduate to criminals

It makes you think twice about who you are

Makes you feel like death’s coming every sixteen bars


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Fury, Dead Star, and The Groove by Muse. Catching up with some B-side stuff....


Anyone caught one of their current concert tour? Awesome shows...

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Having a bit of a retro rock this morning


Europe - Final Countdown


Boston - More than a Feeling.



Kansas - Wayward son.

Dont think I've heard a group named after a place I didnt like.

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Oh! - SNSD


Sometimes you can't escape catchy Korean songs sung by sexy Korean chicks :D


lol. My cuz loves Yuri. Personally, I don't get it. 9 chicks? Oi.

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