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What music are you currently listening to?

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light the torch-soilwork the river plegethon-pathogenic

The Last lager Waltz by Kevin Bloody Wilson

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was listening to lamb of god's resolution album, currently listening to 'the wolves' by ben howard.

fantastic song, slightly schizophrenic genre shifting on my part though haha


scorch: sick track, didnt realise skrillex had anew EP out.

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plan B's new single, ill manors



heard it on radio 1 today. im rarely much of a fan of rap, but i'm quite liking this. it's got a very malevolent and menacing tone to it that seems quite rare in the genre, also i like how the lyrics are about how much of a *suitcase*hole east london is as opposed to the usual ###### about how much money/swag/women the 'artist' has.


edit: useless swear filter and added video

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The sound of Arnie (not the real Arnie) prentending he can make music with explosions or sing the opening theme to T2.


Am i wasting my life...........?


Oh and whatever poop they have put on Absolute Radio and stuck on shuffle, no repeat my *albatross*.



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