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No, we will not go there. Our team does only „the black job“ – that means CQB and hostage situations.


In a fact, we are trying to get as close to the real, as we can. So most of the weekends we are training and once in a month we do „the armed situation“. We only use airsoft weapons to be safe… And the regular airsoft game is once or twice a year fine for us.


For the snipers in our team the training is more intense, than for the others. We have to do the same they do (assault team) and the sniper training. For the training, we are using airsoft sniper rifles and real sniper rifles (.308W and .22LR) too. And we go for the real long distance shooting competition too.


Our team did the „Airsoft Sniper Cup 2006“ last summer, but the only problem was, that there is not so many good and brave snipers in our area, so we had only 5 shooters… But they were prepared and good skilled, so the cup was saved :rolleyes:


Now we want to decide if we will do the „Airsoft Sniper Cup 2007“ or not. To be honest, we need more shooters for the competition. We are ready to arrange everything for 20+ shooters, but 15 is minimum.


So, is there enybody interrested to came for our Airsoft Sniper Cup? Some pics from the last one are here:


The firing line. The shooting part of the competition was from different positions, distances and different targets were used.




Other position and distance.




And every one of the shooters at the end of one of the "tactical disciplines".











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Thanks for the comment matey Picture was taken at Lightfighters Braham darkmoon weekender / milsim 36 hours game ,after sleeping in a ditch for what was only 2 hours the whole weekend i managed to hit a guy in the chest at 70 metres without him finishing his pudding off

YES i watched as they dug in for dinner and he still hasnt forgiven me for the 35 mins walk to the safezone on a full tummy of beans and mini sausages , watching he two mates s**t and bring to arms was pure class

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Thanks for the comment matey  Picture was taken at Lightfighters Braham darkmoon weekender / milsim 36 hours game    ,after sleeping in a ditch for what was only 2 hours the whole weekend i managed to  hit a guy  in the chest at 70 metres without him finishing his pudding off

YES i watched as they dug in for dinner    and he still hasnt forgiven me for the 35 mins walk to the safezone on a full tummy of beans and mini sausages    , watching he two mates  s**t and  bring to arms was pure class

i need to play some long woodland milsim games.

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HARRY : It looks good; what was maximum range you fired from? Our target shoots are at much longer distances than the one pictured. Either that or we use much smaller targets. In fact last event we used lifesized targets of rabbit, squirrel, crow, pigeon and the hard to hit rat (I got the highest score on that target with my MK23 SOCOM beating the rifles present)!


docs90 : I know what you mean after shooting up a full team of guys once (on a 4 day event) who were cooking up beans. Was funny, as my team surrounded the camp and only after an hour of crawling did we pop up from under 20m, in several directions, and hit them all before running off with the flag.... none of them even moved, just looked gutted.... getting caught with your pants down certainly knocks the wind from your sails... I also burst through a hidden camp one morning, tagging every member of a team still dozing in their bivie bags without a single shot fired... one guy was watching the entrance I used with his AK ready but I popped up from 2m away and gave him the hand slap first... :P


oh well, here is a pic of my retired spotter, callsign "TMA_WRAITH" 1991-2003 :



Best wishes to all 6mm hunters. Here's to the new season :vodka:


Good Luck & Merry Xmas. ;)

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At the Sniper Cup, the shooting distance was 20-60 meters. And different positions and different targets (from small to the big one). One discipline was after physical training (with time limit).


Me personally, I am usully shooting at the range 30-60m. My guns are far beyond 1J limit... For closer distance, I have backup weapons (AEG and GBB).




But basically, I am eys of my team. My call code is "Eye 1". My job is to be invisible observer, to report all I can see and sometime to shoot the enemy, mostly to clear the position for our attack team or to protect our attack team. It means, that I am using my radio more then the rifle :D


And that means, that I am using several guns, depending on situation. I can even get to the game with M249 as a "backup weapon", or with Marui Mk.23 as a primary gun. We allways do the game or "armed situation" with scenario and we are trying to get the enemy alive (if it is possible - do not vorget, we are "police unit"). I remember one weekend action I did not shot a single bullet, but I get some prisoners with Marushin 8mm Raging Bull revolver. That big and shiny gun dit the job very well ;)





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Your tournament sounds great competition and similar to part of my average event these days :) . We have a target shoot trophy (a pin badge) that is awarded every event. I have not won it for a l while now though. We have never done a post exercise shoot though, but have talked for a long time now, of organising a tough BIATHLON style event. it would involve tough cross country running and shooting at different locations (rifles would not be carried on the nav/run).


However, a couple of my opponents have bad knees and another has had a serious operation last year too. This makes such an event look less likey, but still possible for a couple of us. I am sure that we will make it happen and part of our yearly calendar. :P


I also use a MK23 as a primary, not a backup btw.


In an effort to make a game even harder we've cooked playing a new format, where all who turn up draw straws at the startline; the short straw is alone all game and the prey. The other all play as a large HUNTER team. Both teams have to complete the same navigation tasks. The game will last 2 days. Just hoping I get the short straw....


I guess it's best I add another vintage pic ....



I'm the guy kneeling with the laser ;)


Merry Xmas ;)

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Well, I still haven't painted my rifle yet, but on a whim, I took about 15 minutes and sliced up an old jacket to make a rifle ghillie.




(ignore the sock in this next pic lol)




Only problem is that it makes the mag well nearly innaccessible (but doable), but I figure if I have to reload and don't have time to move the material out of the way, I'm probably as good as dead anyway.

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Good start, but i personaly think it contracts to much with your uniform, if possible try and get an old Flecktarn Shirt and use that.


I can understand what you mean about the access to the mag though, what i did was fold 2 bits of shirt over (above and below the magwell) and glue gun the fabric to each other so it held it in place but the actualy mag area and button was completly free, then let the rest of the wrap do its thing.

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Yeah, I would have used some fleck, but I had some of this old crappy cam lying around (the thing was already torn to shreds), and I thought I might as well give it a go.


Since the pics were taken, I've improved it a bit, but I think you're right; it's a bit too bright, especially this time of season, but throw in some local cam, and it may prove just as effective (things vary in nature). Even if it proves useless this weekend, I think I'll keep it around, because I get the feeling it'll be far more effective come spring.

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