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STTI: Full metal MEU 1911


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This news has been out for a while no one seams to have posted it so here we go:


Update from STTI- full metal MEU type 1911 (probably from Wei Tech, but that is just my guess):


We highly recommend *NEW "M1911(MEU) STYLE Full Metal Blowback GAS GUN"* to you. Please find the following photos for the new product information.


GGB-0342TM: MEU STYLE Full Metal Version"Blowback Gas Gun




Source: Airsoft news eu


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Wasn't this released a while back, with trades?




You can kind of see the WE logo on the trigger guard under the "H" of "WGC Shop" in the first pic.



started checking a few websites, redwolf still has it for sale, wgc is sold out, uncompany has it, and that's all i've checked so far.

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