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I hate asking questions in picture threads but oh well...


Q on the Maruzen M870. What is needed to run it on Green Gas or an external CO2 powerlet? A better question is how can I get one running at 328 or so with 3+ BBs?


Q on the Maruzen M1100 and Revision. Can you even run it on Green Gas/CO2 with out the action jamming?


I'm looking for a nastier gun for CQB that is more realistic.


Thanks for the help. :)

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evilliboba: The Maruzen M870 runs great on Green out of the box. Regarding the CO² conversion I know of some less successful attempts to convert a 870 to run on CO². I bought a used 870 folding-stock which was supposedly ready to run on CO² with a rig hooked up and everything. So I inserted a capsule into the rig, wich resulted in the pistolgrip blowing clear off the end of the rifle where the tubing meets the cylinder. Later when I opened up the rifle I discovered that the conversion was rather sloppy without any reinforcements, and that the internal workings of the gun had been mended at some time with strips of cut-out aluminum from a Coke can! So I do not recommend converting a Maruzen 870 to CO² power unless you're an expert in that field.


Regarding the M1100: that particular gun does need some modification in order to run on Green. Running it on CO² is, as I've said above, not recommended. Since Green is so powerful, the ejection port slides forward with such speed that it traps the ejecting shell before it leaves the breach. Thus I would recommend you to utilize RedWolf's upgrade service for the M1100 series in order to have it smoothly functioning. Also remember that different gases are needed during different parts of the year. The M1100, for example, runs great on green when the temperature is between +5°C and -5°C.

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+1 to you MODDAN.


The M870 is very tempting right now.

I know I've seen a guide to adapt the gas hose inside the stock to a KWC CO2 powerlet rig.

It was on classicairsoft.net with the M1100... Oh well I find it sometime.

Anyone know where to find a shell catcher for the M870.

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Thanks for the comments. Currently have work in progress on another JT3 shotgun. Looking to replace the standard Benelli stock/grip with a wooden custom made pistolgrip and replace the pump with (again) a homemade one. Pics up when i get round to it.

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Sorry to post a question in the pictures thread but I'm hoping someone can help.


I've got a full-stock Marushin M500, 6mm version. But having taken it apart, I've discovered that it physically doesn't have a hop unit. The barrel doesn't have a hole for it to go into.


Now I'm really curious as to whether or not the 6mm versions had hop up built into them. Can anyone help?


Ideally, if the 6mm does have a hop-up flavour and you have spares I would be very interested in buying them from you :)

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Bodgeups: The 6mm version does have a hop-up. At least mine has got one. In order to get to the hop-up unit you need to remove the barrel by un screwing the two allen screws on either side located just in front of the metal body. After these screws have been removed and the outer barrel has been removed you will see the hop-up. It is in deed not a standard hop, but rather a common flathead screw which, when tightened, presses against the hop-up rubber which causes the hop-up effect.
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my modified maruzen m1100 defender 1


this started life as a stock m1100 defender 1 GBB shotgun. this is different from most maruzen shutguns as it used a magazine instead of a shell to hold the ammo.


this has been modified with


a GNP long m870 front end and shell extention tube.

GNP t8 taclight

a barrel clamp and laser

shell holder and some dummy shells #


clicky for a larger pic

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now a question.

i dont like not having a stock on a shotgun so what do you honestly think would look better.


the solid stock from an m870 with all the gas gubbins connected (i have that here) but its a pain as i need to totaly strip down the m870 to canabilise it even mroe




get the GNP metal folding stock

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Lovely shotties :)


Just have one question about my ca870.. I've gotten bored with the synthetic stock and want a wooden one.

If i buy an RS, is it hard getting it fit?

I've heard that the foregrip works with a little dremeling, but the stock?



(posted before.. havnt got the reddot anymore, don't worry ;) )

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on the CA870? no its drop on fit.


the gun its on in the picture is a m1100 and to make it fit as a stock defender it does require some modification to allow the shell tube ring to fit into it (30 seconds with a knife and it was sorted)


on the modified defender above its actualy very lose as ring is in a differnt place due to usinga mix of m870 and m1100 parts.


i had a RS wood grip on my CA870 but tbh i found it stuck alot and made my gun eat pistons. ive sold the wood now and am leaving the CA870 to rest in peices as im using the external parts for other projects


as long as the stock attaches in the same way using aneck peice and long draw bolt then yes it should. as should any other RS accessories






are willing to ship to the UK and are US based and are very helpfull from my inquiring emails. i need to check to see if importation of grips n stuff isnt illegal before i go for it. but int he US it shoulent be an issue.

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Was bored today, so went into the shed (much hammering, cursing and gnashing of teeth)


Sneak preview (hopefully be putting a "How To" in the next couple o' days) of my JT3-A with homemade pistolgrip (still needs sanding off and staining)



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