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Shotgun Picture Thread

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Wastelander- a gas-operated, semi-auto APS shell shotgun feeding from Saiga magazines, and with interchangeable barrel length. Full build log here.      

Couldn't be happier right now.

Build log is over in Project Suggestions if anyone's interested.  

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It is infact 3 bb's from one barrel. The Marushin one only fired 3, the clone fires 5.


Fed from 3 bb chambers.


Why has this gun never been brought to my attention? I don't want to sound lazy but can I have the full name of the gun or possibly a link? I can't seem to find much just searching Marushin shotgun.

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HU.N.K, they've been around since forever!


as said, the marushin ones are more rare, and dont take green gass due to an overpressure valve, but this can be sealed.


the ACM ones take green fine, but eat grease like its going out of fashion.


i didnt know the marushin 6mm were limited to 3 bb's, but thats an easy fix!


get one, pull it to bits. lube the hell out of it and rebuild. they are an absolute hoot to use. last woodland game, i went out with 2. my full stock one, and a shorty in a holster on my back. pure win!

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they do indeed have one barrel.


if its 6mm, they fire 5 bb's.


8mm fires 3 bb's.


The Marushin 6mm version fires a single BB from a single barrel as standard. There's a pin you can remove in order to increase the amount of rounds fired to five.


The 8mm version fires 3 BB's from a single barrel as standard.

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My experience of my shotguns disagrees with you.


I own at current:


2x 6mm Marushin Mossberg Slugster MAXI

5x 8mm Marushin Mossberg M500 SSB (one on the way in the mail)

1x Clone 8mm, heavily modified


The first of my 6mm shotguns where heavily modified to fit a SureFire 623FA, Colt stock mod and a R.A.S. for Mossberg. My second Marushin Slugster MAXI has been kept stock since I bought it. And guess what? It fires a single 6mm BB per each pump-action as stock. It can however be modified to fire more BB's.

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To be technical, it's a Tactical Stock Adaptor made by King Arms. It allows the installation of any Armalite/Colt compatible stock on your Mossberg. I've currently got two of these, and they are great. Have a regular M4 6 position stock on my modified Slugster MAXI, and a Magpul M93 stock on my clone. Works great, feels great.

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Some pictures as per request:


Mossberg M500 Slugster MAXI, unmodified:



Modified Slugster Maxi above, with one of my regular 8mm's below:



Another unmodified 8mm:



The Modified clone, now a GodMod:



One of the Mossbergs hanging in the back of my Crown Vic.:


Slightly modified by removing the rear sight and adding a pair of Uncle Mike's sling mounts and a SpeedFeed +4 stock for Mossberg.


Same as above, but with some Real Steel accessories (and before you ask: YES, that IS a Real Steel Corona!):



Might try to get a group photo some day, but right now I don't have any.


Added bonus: A video of my

I've installed in my Ford Crown Vic.
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I need some help guys....


I installed a PDI 6.01 on my CA870. I had to drill the hole in the outer barrel because the outer diameter of the new barrel is slightly larger.


Anyway, if I were to install a G&P front kit, what would I have to do to get the inner barrel to fit through the hole in the outer? Is it any bigger? Is it metal? That might cause me some problems....

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