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Official Photography Thread?

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Macro of my eye, it was tricky though because my D40 does not AF with my sigma 105mm f2.8 Macro lens....So aiming the camera at myself and guessing if its focused perfectly took about 400 shots. But I think it was well worth it. I did edit this in photoshop slightly, made the contrast a little higher, and made everything other then the eye b&w.



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Whatever's marked Tv on my camera right? That's time-variable I thought XD.


What if you do 1:1/4 sec? :P


On Nikons and other cameras with MASP dials, it's Shutter speed (there are many names, exposure time, time variable, but shutter speed is the most common).

Manual Aperture Shutter Program



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quick answer:


Low ISO means clearer, crisper image (less noise). However low ISO requires more light (wide aperture or slow shutter speeds, or a flash)


High ISO means fuzzier, grainier (more noise). But the advantage is that it requires less light, so a faster shutter speed or narrower aperture can be used.


Generally speaking:


Bright sunny days: low ISO


Indoors or at night: High ISO

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