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Official Photography Thread?

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So I have been doing alot of automotive photography at races and stuff, and while walking around I always would take pics of cars when there just sitting there...But for the first time I got to do an actual shoot and set up lighting (only have 1 sb600 :D). Please critique!













Thanks :),

Chris Juliano

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Very nice pictures on here, very much like ChrisWPA's.


I'm not a very good photographer, but I do like playing about. I took some pictures at a local classic car event, I'll dig them out when I get home.


I'm starting to use my dad's Lieca M8 with a 28mm lense, still very new to it, and I'm at the bottom of the learning curve.

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On the subject of classic motors...


I'm not big on photographing cars so forgive the amateurish photos.





Nice shots happy.al its awesome to still see deloeans about as I have family who used to build them, I actually live just around the corner from the old factory.

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Westbound through the Indian Ocean heading towards the Gulf Of Aden.



UASC container ship in Great Bitter Lake, Suez Canal.



Many ships in Great Bitter Lake.



Heading through the canal in convoy.



In Le Havre



Ice and bad visibility outside Tianjin, China.



Another CMA CGM ship in Hong Kong.


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