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Ho' Christ, here's a bit of a trip for me :D


Some old rucks of mine;



Custom made '64 Rucksack



S95 PLCE Bergan and Rocket pouches w/ waterproof bergan cover



P82 Rucksack and Nuke bag w/ desert covers


I'll take some pictures tonight of my current rucks back in my room, there's a few... ;)

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Hoo boy :)


Kifaru EMR and E&E, with other bits and pieces. Lived out of this for 3 months straight.



Yes, it weighed a metric f***ton.



With a cover, it looks like I have a body in there or something.



Beaten on height, but not on overall size. I win!



E&E in 'day hike' config.



This is, indeed, the life.

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Lerch, I like the application of the cat eye band. Is that a personal touch or something that is unit mandated? I just always had some bits of glow tape sewn on the top flap.

Personal touch, I've been stockpiling helmet bands whenever I get a chance, and put them to use on packs and the old gas mask carriers (they were horrible if you needed to stash the mask quickly).


Here's my score from today, the new issued Pelican 1630 case.




Basically for the same purpose as my old footlocker, but as you can see...bigger :D




Perfect for me since I'm moving on Wednesday.

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Lerch: What's the point of keeping your '64 Ruck so low?

Comfort. After doing a few 13k marches with the old P82 rucksack, which has the main sack on top, it puts alot of stress on your shoulders. I've found the 64 to put the stress more on your back and less the shoulders, which after a long walk tends to be a good thing ;)

Aside from that the 64 frame compared to the 82 is MUCH stronger. It's similar to the ALICE frame in which it's a sturdy 'empty' frame, while the 82 is almost a wire latice that can be bent with little effort.

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Hey Skyflash, do you keep an online archive of your photos? Your earlier CAG pictures in particular were excellent but they're not visible any more.


Anyway, here are my packs:


Camelbak BFM in OD. Holds all my gear including my MICH.. except for my repro PACA because I can't bring myself to fold it to get it in!

Blackhawk Slimline Load Bearing Pack. Now I just need an Omega medic vest to attach it to.. <_<

Thinkpad Backpack. Standard IBM issue, don't ya know!



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That Kifaru stuff is really expensive...


I like my Camelbak Motherlode with my issued ACU cargo pockets and other stuff. It carries my books, three supplement shakers, a pair of shoes, my PT jacket, PT pants, a towel, my PT uniform (shorts, spandex, shirt, socks), deodorant, Ipod, and other small things. I lug it around on Mondays, Tuesday, and Wednesdays so I can go to the gym after classes.


It can get pretty heavy, but that's ok. Pictures sometime?

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So, all in all, how long did it take to get from your credit card to you?


Oh yeah, un ban me while you're at it. Haha. :P

I was quoted 8-10 weeks (usually 6-8 weeks) because of the rush on the G2 stuff. I was watching the website and put my order through within about 15 minutes of the new site going live with all the G2 stuff on it...


Order placed on 24th February. Turned up on 23rd April. Work out the days for yourself. ;)


Worth the wait and expense? Abso-f***ing-lutely, as usual.


Also had one slight hitch with the order but I rang them about it and they made it right within 15 minutes over the phone.


Oh, and the Woobie is the real sleeper in this order. The pack and Organiser are cool and all, but the Woobie is just so cool. I wasn't sure if it'd be worth the money when I ordered it, but now I'm damn sure it was. So many uses, and so well packable!

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