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What other optics mounting options are there for Real Sword's other than an Ultimak rail? (Im not a big fan of those)


Not sure about RS specifically, but there´s at least these two options:


siderail mount base


or a cobra


of course you need to have the side mount rail for these two, like click


Or as seen few pages before:


You can always rely on KA to make cool little accesories, like this rear-sight mounted scope rail, wich will alow you to build slightly modernised AKs, like the ones below.






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Long time since i last did anything new on my ak's.


I had some romy wood from 3 difrent romy "AIM" ak's wich made them not matching in color so i needed to sand them down and refinish them to match and also repositioning the stock since it was drilled in a wrong angle from the start when i bought it like 3 years ago here on the forum so i filled the hole with plasticpadding and drilled it right again.


Heres some pics from the process. All pics can be found in this blogpost: http://grim-nyberg.blogspot.com/2011/01/kalashnikov-pa-spa.html



























Its yet not complete, a 40 rounder will also be added in the end.

Pics of end resualts will come.

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Well here is a quick snap of mine, CA SLR/AK105...




Sorry for the poor pic, no idea put the digi cam... Only thing I'm looking to change is the stock to a Romanian folding wire stock and the flash to the type found on the AK74m.... Only thing is the thread for it is wider than a usual 14mm thread so I could be stuck with it :(.... just got to find one in stock anywhere... It's got the Tdi rail front end but just debating if to get the surefire rail system or just a ultimak gas tube rail... Again not for the purist but shoots a dream from stock

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What other optics mounting options are there for Real Sword's other than an Ultimak rail? (Im not a big fan of those)



From what I've read, you most likely want the real Russian mounting bracket. You need to install it onto the Type 56, and it requires a bit of drilling. I'm not too fond of my technical skills, so I gave up long ago.





That's the tutorial, and I think they sell great quality mounts, along with authentic red dots, sights, etc.


EDIT: If anyone wants to do a tutorial on the Real Sword, post the video!

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Can I make a request? I am just hopeing one of you have both. I really am in need of a picture of a realsword type 97B in the same picture of an Aks74u. I am planning to buy a type 97b or type 97 but am trying to get an idea of which of the 2 I would like more. Sadly no shop around here stocks them so I can't just go and hold both

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