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Can anyone recommend a bog standard KAC style RIS unit to fit on to the 061? Guessing I'll be needing a new front hand guard cap as well but there seem to be fairly few options for these front ends around in comparison to all the flashy stuff, certainly from the higher end companies.

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During the test fires and tweaks to see if I could get my AGM to shoot right, the 2Roy bolt cracked in the same exact place as my AGM bolt.


I talked with Evike and they said they'd replace the 2Roy cylinder for me and check to see whats up with my BCG. I'll post any progress sometime Saturday afternoon.

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Are there any metal bolts out yet? I thought all were plastic.


RA tech's 'nozzles' are actually bolts. so they make the aluminum NPAS and PPS. $130-$140.. id rather go with replacing $20 nozzles like AEG pistons if i could find one that would last 20k rounds. but then again im not planning to skirmish mine either, so it wouldn't be worth it.

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Ra tech will do you a tool adjust NPAS set in aluminium for 60 bucks, thats the bolt (supplied along with the NPAS flute valve and adjustment key for the 60 bucks).


You fit that inside your stock plastic AGM nozzle shell and you fit the lot into your stock AGM bolt carrier


next stage up they'll do you that same tool adjust NPAS metal bolt set plus their own plastic nozzle shell for 80 bucks. You fit that complete assembly into your AGM bolt carrier. The nozzle on its plastic nozzle shell is an integral part of the plastic casting - so each time you break or deform the nozzle then you need to replace the whole pastic nozzle shell part as one 20 dollar piece.


next up the food chain from that one is their entire aluminium assembly - where both the tool adjust NPAS bolt set and the nozzle shell it fits into are metal. Thats the 150 bucks one - you take that assembly and you fit it into your AGM bolt carrier.


However the nozzle shell on that one isnt just a drect copy of the plastic version redone in aluminium, it also has additional facility of replaceable nozzles that you can unscrew from the nozzle shell - default nozzle supplied with it is plastic, while replacments are available in plastic or in aluminium (3 bucks for the plastic ones and 5 bucks a pop for the aluminium ones)


final stage up is exact same assembly as above supplied prefitted into their own steel RA-tech bolt carrier for 260 bucks

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im talking RS bolt. which is what the guy was looking for im assuming since that's whats breaking.



2roy cylinder:





RA-tech nozzle:





AR-15 bolt





so i was calling those parts the bolt.

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going by the RAT video the aluminium npas bolt will fit inside the AGM nozzle shell and then that combined sub assembly will pop inside the AGM bolt carrier


I dont recall there beign a vid where they've fitted the whole aluminium combo inside an AGM bolt carrier (may well be and Ive missed it) Ive only ran my aluminium set inside the RA-T bolt carrier they came with, so would be later on today before I could try that setup and fire off some rounds to confirm it works (is curently 4.20 am over here so I cant see the neighbours apreciating me trying it just now lol)




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had a go fitting the complete aluminium RA-T assembly (nozzle shell and npas bolt) into the AGM bolt carrier


the unit will fit in just fine and in its proper place the only problem is if you try and fit the aluminium RA-T side lock plate That has a groove in it designed to marry up with a rail that runs along side of the nozzle shell. When you try to insert it the groove on it doesn line up with the rail. Reason for that is cos the AGM bolt carrier has the hole cut for the locking plate placed approx .5mm further down the side of the bolt carrier than the RA-T one.


so if you want to fit a complete aluminium RAT assembly inside an AGM bolt carrier (instead of just an RA-tech npas inside an AGM nozzle shell inside an AGM bolt carrier) yuo'll need to:


A - use the AGM plastic side lock plate - its groove should be placed slightly higher to take acount of the plates higher position on an AGM carrier

B - open up the groove on the RA-T side lock plate so it no longer fouls the side rail on th nozzle shell

C - open up the side lock hole in the AGM bolt carrier by raising its top surface by 0.5mm


any one of those three should do the trick, just bear in mind that option two is going to allow a little rotational play in the nozzle shell on its guide groove, while option three is going to make the side lock a looser fit in the hole on the bolt carrier. If you're dead set on using the entirely aluminium unit in an AGM carrier then I'd go with options 1 or option two and avoid option 3


only problem here is Ive already given someone my plastic side lock plate so Im not in a position to fit the unit for test firing (and I dont want to go modding the groove on an aluminium side lock just to temporarily fit the stuff into an AGM bolt carrier, as Ive only got one spare aluminium side lock at the mo)


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Heres how my AGM has turned out now








Consisting of :



RAtech Vltor BCG with NPAS

RAtech Metal Bolt Catch

RAtech Hop & Barrel Assembly

G&P Aluminium Recoil Buffer

Magpul CTR Stock

CASV-M Handguard

Dytac 10.5" Barrel Assemvbly with Vltor Gas Block

Dytac Surefire 556 Flashhider

Troy Industries Rear Battle Site

ACM FDE Acog with Bomber Larue Rail Mount

Vanaras PEQ-15

ACM Larue FUG in FDE

DD offset ligth mount with a Surefire M4.


Currently awaiting :


KA Vltor Metal Body ( Still awaiting for proper reveiews )

G&P Anti-rotation links

RAtech Magic Front Pin

Magpul ASAP Sling Plate

Magpul MIAD in FDE

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direct from RAtech always have


not sure how you get impression its wholesale only? the prices listed are all retail and they even have address for their paypal account up on it


Where to buy


We accept PAYPAL. Contact us with E-mail with the item number and quanity and we will delivery the shipment with EMS. Shop more than $200, no charge for delivery.


not many wholesalers out there expecting any sub 200 dollar orders :)


contact address is ra_dot_ssh5915@msa_dot_hinet_dot_net replace the '_dot_ ' with '.'


just knock together a list of parts with part numbers qty of each and prices, total it up and send an email to them to confirm its all in stck and that you got your total correct, someone will genrally reply pretty quickly then just paypal them payment at that same email address.


As there isnt a lot of room in the paypal message facility to include a full list of what Im ordering I usually make up a unique order ref number in my original email message title (eg snorkelman9709), and include that same ref in the paypal message title so they can match the two up once payment is rec'd


all done and dusted



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At the moment, im having issues with the hopup and its hard to actually take aimed shots. Plus its a red dot, but i havent noticed any movement in the cross so far. (KA RD cross style ACOG)


Im hoping when my CNC Hop unit arrives plus a WA hop rubber i can sort it out.

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Has any one figured out a way to get the AGM mags to stop leaking yet? All of mine seem to lead from the top


Mine needs, a new hob, new bolt and the 4 mags I have all leak baldy and I have just decided I like the GGB favour of Airsoft However am going to bin my AGM, I was adding up the cost of parts to upgrade the AGM and It costs more than a Brand new WE Scar... So well I just ordered the SCAR.

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The last 20 odd mags we have got our way seem to all be fine, no leaks. Quality is improving.


As far as i know if you have leaking mags you need to look at a G&P replacement o-ring kit for the WA.


-The 061 is pretty bad, unless they have made more of them from the original release. My 061 is basically scrapped and im focusing on the 062 version i have now.

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