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Modern Ranger Loadout


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Lol nice one titleist!


When I get my Rigg back I will photo it. after the feedback of my impression here I just scrapped it and restarted from scratch, so now im bying Eagle Industries/Allied industries stuff, just got my Allied Industri PRC148 pocket :)


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Titleist How could you not know? Why dont you look?



I said "I have no idea" in regards to the USE of that top velcro. I just looked at it and I don't know it's purpose, as there's clearly a BIG FLAP AT THE BOTTOM for loading in SAPIs.



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:rolleyes: you hoarde over this thread like its your own damn child sorry to bruise your ego big guy


You didn't bruise my ego at all, but maybe you could put up or shut up. How about you post your ranger rig and show us all the kick *albatross* work you've put in to it, k thanks.


I looked back at all the posts I've made in this variant of the ranger thread. It's less than a dozen or so. 5-6 are just playful comments, the rest is clarifying gear questions, without opinions applied, explaining some of the ways to separate the issued gear from the civilian stuff, or explaining a certain rig. As for the ranger thread mk1, we could take a trip back in memory lane and I could go and count all the posts I made showing you guys my rig in progress, the rare pouches (at the time), reference photos, diagrams of how the rigs were put together, and sharing some of the really esoteric details to help with everyone elses' setups.


Since then I've seen maybe one or two rigs posted, one a few weeks (which I liked quite a bit), the rest were all on Wannabe. I've done my research, shared it with you guys as well. So crazy idea, how about you contribute rather than running your mouth off.


Moose, it's made by AI, so god knows what they were thinking. The AI stuff is so weirdly (poorly) made it's shocking.



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For what people shell out for the RBSS/MBSS you'd think they'd be well made. But the stitching, and design is really quite poor.


Also as a weight bearing system it's one of the worst. It cuts in to your shoulders REALLY bad.


As for the EI PC, it was a year ago, but I don't recall if it does or not. I wouldn't worry too much about that top pouch. The RBSS is issued with an alternative set of panels, that have soft armor sewn in to them. Considering that soft armor actually goes bad after a certain amount of time (the kevlar becomes brittle) it's funny to see people chasing after that specific panel when it really just goes in to a closet most of the time anyways.

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