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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The Thief Lord

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I think right now, I usually play for just the fun of shooting the number of guns. I like to just play with a certain gun, and level it up to mx, and just move on to the next. It's interesting to play with the many different styles of guns.


Hardcore is also pretty fun, but not when you die, and every single time, the timer is always at 15 seconds.

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Just finished MW2 SP for the upteenth time. I did just notice something. Spoiler tags don't appear to be working so avert the eyes...


After Shep knives Soap in his gut (I'm assuming), Soap crawls on his belly towards the gun. I thought pulling out the knife out was badass but crawling whilst jamming the knife in further (again, I'm assuming) before pulling it out, hardcore!


I hope whoever takes over the visionary reigns does the MW3 storyline some justice (though I doubt they will).

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