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Turns out I got a pic at the recent game, sorry about the watermark.




There's me in my rain gear.


Goretex Boots

Fleck pants, shirt

Fleck goretext trousers and parka

Fleck MOLLE vest with five single mag pouches (going to get two double G36 pouches soon), medic pouch, admin pouch, two pistol mag pouches, and a hydration pack. Of course all in Fleck.

OD knee pads

Blackhawk SERPA holster

Fleck Boonie

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Don't think so, most infantry will use the IDZ plate carrier with some LBV (idz vest, lindernoff mav thing etc etc), KSK tends to be the same but the mehler ksk plate carrier, however in recent pics they've got CIRAS and similar, but I've not seen anything to suggest that they do, which doesn't really mean alot, but yeah.

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I have seen alot of German SF units buying US stuff. I see the German Navy Sf and the KSK here in Virginia from time to time doing stuff with the SEALS and they go to the local tac shops and open purchase stuff. Alot of the open purchase I have seen from them has been packs. I saw a few Coyote Chest rigs being open purchased too of note was the LBT 1961A and an RRV in Khaki. So I am sure some American kit has begun to seep into those organizations. As for the packs I have seen an Elberstock pack in Coyote and a few Kelty's being purchased.


I wanted to do a German SFish look but didn't want to pull the cop-out that Airsoft International did with their So you wannabe KSK article. That article still to this day bugs the ever living *suitcase* out of me. Mainly the line "..and who says the KSK didn't deploy to Afghanistan with them". Reffering to the PACA replica and stuff they outfitted their doods in. I mean it is possible that a KSK operator or two have used a PACA and it was an open purchase if they have loose guidelines regarding the purchase and wear of non issued armor.


Is TACGEAR.DE stuff used by then German units at all? I know it is made in their pattern, I have a 3-Farb Flectarn Specialist chest rig and that is what I need an armor carrier or plate carrier to wear under.

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Any of you Flecktarn users looking for 3-farb flecktarn rigs? I think I need to get a 5-farb instead of the 3-farb TACGEAR Specialist I currently have. The rig is tits but 5-farb is more versatile I think seeing as how it can work with 3-farb kits and 5-farb kits. Or is 3-farb kit more common now instead of 5-farb stuff being worn in arid/desert enviroments?

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Tac gear stuff is used yeah, but as private purchase, I'm not sure how common they are either. For a plate carrier to wear under a chest rig you're pretty much looking at a mehler like so;




but these are expensive as hell when you see them, I got a mehler with the 3 pouches, I'm in the process of modding it to make it look more like the one above.


As said before yeah KSK etc can be seen wearing more American style kit, the most common thing at the moment seems to be CIRAS with a MAV worn over it, but this has only been in training photos, and its not clear if they were trialling them or what.





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Which is the 3 pouch one? I would love to see pics of the MOD when your finished.


All I've done is chopped the pouches of the front, and removed the canadian style webbing mounts from the shoulders and sides of the carrier. The hard bit is going to be modding the collar and the velcro bits, it depends how close I want it to look I suppose. tbh I may just mod the collar cause I'm gonna be wearing stuff over it so it'll be semi look alike atleast. Cheers.

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