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Initial Impressions of the TM PX4 GBB Pistol

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Initial Impressions of the TM PX4 GBB Pistol


Tokyo Marui PX4

Length: 193mm / 7.6 inches

Weight: 834g / 1lb 13.4oz

Magazine Capacity: 25rds

FPS (0.20g): 295(Green), 225 (134a)


The latest offering from Tokyo Marui, the PX4 offers some new features to their GBB line. Built on a compact frame, it is a welcome addition to players familiar with gun types such as the SIG 226, HiCappa 4.3, and USP Compact.



Immediately, you will see that it comes with 2 extra back plates for the lower frame to fit almost any shooter’s hand for a better shooting position and comfort.

To change out the back plates, the player would depress the bottom of the magazine well, then, pulls the back plate away from the rear of the gun. The player may now attach a different back to suit their needs. The lower frame also incorporates a bottom rail to attach different accessories such as lights or lasers.







The PX4 uses a 25rd magazine of its own design. Gas capacity is comparable to all of TM’s double-stacked type magazines.


Velocity is on par for a compact type pistol from TM.

Testing was conducted with King Arms Green Gas and Excel .20g BB’s.

A Radar type chronograph was used to measure shots in an air conditioned space.

Measurements as follows:

Shot 1: 302fps

Shot 2: 300

Shot 3: 292

Shot 4: 298

Shot 5: 293

Shot 6: 285

Shot 7: 282

Shot 8: 281

Shot 9: 278

Shot10: 279


Subsequent shots hovered within the 278-285 range with Green Gas.

On 134A gas velocity ranged from 240 on the first shot to 220 with the magazine starting to cool noticeably.

Recoil is snappy and short, comparable to the Cappa4.3 and SIG226, but not as strong as the Desert Eagle and Five7 series guns from Marui.

Of note, during testing we noticed that the PX4 tends to expel more gas during shooting contributing to a slightly faster cool-down of the magazines and performance. Weather our particular gun or the series uses more gas remains to be seen in the long term.


Accuracy is TM consistent, the first target was with the gun straight out of the box, without hop adjustment or checking the sights. Shooting was with .20g Excel, with King Arms Green Gas. Targets were 8m away. Shooting was from a standing position with 2 hand support. (not scientific, but a more practical answer).


The second target is with the hop adjusted and sights corrected, same shooting position and distance, as well as gas and bb’s.



The PX4, being a compact design tends to shoot “flat” during snap-shooting and fast-draw situations. Balance is comparable to the USP Compact Pistol.

The safety also incorporates a de-cocking feature if the hammer is back in a ready position. Upon engaging the safety, it automatically releases the hammer to battery, this can be done with the magazine in and fully gassed.


The hop up is of a new design.

Removing the slide to access the hop system is no longer needed.

Access to the hop unit can be done with the slide locked in the back position. It is a dial type but fixed to the left side of the barrel and running parallel to the housing. It is colored a lighter grey for easier identification. Players with larger fingers or gloves may find this arrangement a little difficult to adjust the hop setting.


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after read this thread I'm going to buy TM PX4...its seem fun and don't mine add another pistol collection

It's helpful to mention what temperature you are using green gas (propane); I imagine it's fairly cool in the UK and I understand gas pistols work well with propane there.   With propane (or any pro

To take out the trigger...hell I was going to explain it, just follow this video : )     If there is anything you're not sure about, do ask.

Posted Images

Field striping the PX4 is the same as a Glock type pistol.

There are two release tabs on the frame, pull downwards, and push slide to separate from the frame.






Aftermarket parts are not available as of right now, however, as with most TM type guns, expect the larger manufacturers to start to make parts for this new platform.




In conclusion, the PX4 seems to go along with the same lines as other compact pistols. Great as a sidearm, and offering some new features not found on many of Tokyo Marui’s other pistols, it would be a worthy addition to a player’s load-out.

While the lack of aftermarket parts may hinder it immediately, if it is like the rest of TM’s line, players will not have to wait long to start customizing to their hearts content.

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Thank you for putting this up! I've been waiting to see who would put a review up first. I cannot wait for it to come out stateside and for aftermarket frames to come out.


Your thoughts on the grip configurations? How are they compared to other pistols with similar capacity for changing the back grip plate?

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Yea def thanx for posting a little review on the PX4.


Ive been waiting and hoping for awhile that someone (preferably TM) would release one.


When i heard it was coming months back i was pumped.


I do expect MANY aftermarket parts to be available eventually like every other TM pistol.


Im gonna give it a month or two just to get established and then im gonna pick one up.

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Nice pics dude :)



I'll be stripping mine in about an hour and uploading pics of the internals as well as my thoughts on the thing - Those thoughts are pretty simple though; It's a fantastic piece of kit.


got mine on order now cheers

any one know the length of internal barrel i read thats its a funny length

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Sorry for the delayed pictures, got distracted...


Anyhoo, good news! The PX4 has a pretty standard TM Hop system; I'm reluctant to break it down further until i really need too, but from the below pictures i think it's fair to say standard barrels and rubbers fit the PX4;







Closeup of the BBU:




And the whole thing stripped down:




The barrel length is about 8mm shorter than the barrel for a Hicapa 4.3; Unfortunately, this means modifying a longer barrel or waiting for someone to release one.


Approximately 50-60 shots per gas fill, depending on rate of fire. Dumping a whole mag as quick as the trigger is pulled isn't a problem at room temperature.


Cycle time is quicker than a TM Foliage Warrior or TM G17; This thing *really* snaps. Noise is nice as well.


The build quality and finish on this is probably the best i've yet seen from TM - The pistol without the mag has a real noticeable heft to it, it feels rock solid and the polymer used looks very smooth and pleasant.


Overall, this thing is an awesome pistol from Marui - I've easily put 800 rounds through this (it's just so much fun) by now. No signs of a problem yet - Assuming the long term reliability is good, TM have made another winner.

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I have a 6.01 PDI 7inch Barrel for the Hicapa does anyone know for sure if this will fit into the Storm PX4?



It'll be about 3 inches too long, but it'll fit - You may also need to modify the end of the outer barrel to let the extra length go through. Barrel length in the PX4 is about 8mm short of a Hicapa 4.3 barrel.

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