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Looking at that label, I get the feeling they've copied the real Ops-Core labels, or just used the same ones they produced for the clones of them. Colour options including AOR1, Multicam and bright red? Rings a bell.


Could be wrong of course, they might well be making 2 different sizes and various other colours in the long run, we shall see.

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I gotta say, these Crye Airframes are not limited editions. I went to Kwong Wah Street today and there were at least 2 shops carrying the helmet; Shooter Gear and Guns & Vests. Both were sold at a reasonable price of $298 and $280 (HK dollars btw) respectively. I guess EBB are being *rickrolls* in order to get a massive pre-order overseas from you guys...


They are about HKD 100 more expensive than the FAST helmet clones I've seen and the shells are about twice as thick as the FAST clones from what I remember. Actually the Airframe clones have a thicker shell than the real Base JUMP helmets I've seen in the Magpul Steel shop today.


Overall construction from my brief experience (I didn't buy one since I just got myself a Flyye Wasatch for a very discounted price :D) is very good considering I've seen a FAST replica having a cracked shell from the front side of the helmet to one of the holes on top of the helmet. The velco holding the padding in place comes loose very easily; it feels like the guys in the factory just licked the back of the velco and stuck it inside the helmet :P But I think with a dab of superglue the velco should hold in place. The padding is also very nice and for the slight premium over the FAST clone I'd say the Crye Airframe clone is very, very good for the price. I won't be surprised if they were sold for twice the retail price (~HKD 500) and they still have people buying them.


However, one good thing is that I don't see a lot of people rushing to get these in HK. Perhaps not a lot of people know what the Airframe is. Before I went to Kwong Wah Street today I was expecting it to be sold out but I'm happy it's not :P

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I don't know what's up with them but shipping ranges wildly I've gotten stuff in three days on free shipping and smaller bag of sling keepers I ordered arrived after a month.


The Base Jump shell is extremely thin, comparing it to anything other than a skate helmet isn't a fair comparison. My Airframe has a thicker shell than the FAST Ballistic I owned, but it (the airframe) is also noticeably lighter.


It's not a very popular helmet design, most people I know like the weight and the comfort, but hate that it looks like something out of a Sci-Fi comic.

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piece of p**s mate no problems at all , the three holes in the mount have bit of play in them so the screws mated up nicely .

got it from here ; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150719455166?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

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Cheers , trimmed a strip about an inch wide by about 6 long off the sides , stuck some sticky backed Velcro inside for the straps to attach too pulled it all in nice and tight behind the rails and mount then tightened them all up and job done ! .

No way I'd get a real crye cover at that price , stick with HKs finest !

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I'm really disappointed in mine, I think I'm the first to say, its too big, unless I just don't know how to adjust it. I cant get it to stop from rotating on my head like its just too big.

Yup, I think you're the only person i've seen say it's too big :s


Deffo go with M_T's suggestion, new pads and maybe a new, real deal retention system. I'm sure with them you will be able to correctly adjust it and prevent any movement.

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