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Videos Thread !

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Well heres the video from our skirmish on the 30th of november 2007 hope you enjoy. i think i look quite sexy in my Desert DPM set up.





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A few videos, 1 new one, and a few with new links


First up is a fun footage film taken from Operation Devils Light at Ghost Town, featuring Dead Cell Unit Vs The Horsemen, the video is split into 3 portions, first starting with DCU's apparent police training showing in their play style, moving onto actual combat between the two teams, and ending with a few funny clips from the night.


Enjoy, as usual streaming works, but to enjoy full HD quality please download it.



And now for some old ones,


Short Promo for LynnBattleGrounds MOUT,



Trailer for Battlefield (must really be downloaded to enjoy slow motion scenes)



and the first Ghost Town movie I released on here, with its new link (old video was deleted),


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right :) I've got lots of softing videos on my youtube :)


Magaz's youtube


I might aswel link you up to some good ones :)



CBMPC! at Swat Airsoft - listen out for my ak making awful noises! :)


this next one is in two parts... it's about 14 minutes long and is just raw footage!


CBMPC! attacking the fort at ambush airsoft


CBMPC! attacking the fort at ambush airsoft part 2


enjoy :)

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Finally I did find some time to update our homepage (http://www.drunkenmonkeygang.ch) and to start our video gallery: http://www.drunkenmonkeygang.ch/videos.html


There will be more in the future but you can allready enjoy around 1 hour of Switzerland's finest airsoft tournament and some tests with the new HD cam ;-)

Edited by Marcel

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Video Name : Recon Airsoft Goes Elite Team Video

Weapon(s)/Objective item(s) : Several, a lot.

Video Type : .avi/.wmv/.mov/.dat/.rm/.rmvb etc (put extension of the file here): .wmv

Video Size : Stream or 140.61 MB

Video Length : About 10 minutes

Other Note : Just a video we made of us, majority of it is during actual firefights and games, a few funny things. But it's just at some OP's we've attended/hosted.

Preview Picture : None

Credits to : Myself and all the people that helped tape this

Made by : Mosin (me)

Hosted by : FileFront



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Hopefully we'll have more videos from you soon? I really like the HD vids, can't stand watching the YouTube videos.


it all depends, I love capturing video and thusly producing it, but I also love actually playing airsoft, so it always a debate. Hopefully ill be getting some more MOUT stuff in the future though

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Here's the video compilation from our CQB competition. It is in .wmv format at 640x480 and 143mb in size. I purposely did not put on Youtube or Photobucket so the quality and resolution didn't get hosed.





I broke down and rendered a smaller version for Youtube. You can find it here

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At the last game we had a spare car door (rear right side door, fiat punto, 1997...red)

befor this there was joking about using it as a tatical sheild, so a few people fired off a few round's at it (good fun) then we desided to use MY!!! camera to record a bunch of us shoot at it, usefull for a music video or somthing later.


there was no one behind it! and was done shooting into the game Zone!

Adult language is used!!

Link > http://www.veoh.com/videos/v6439710fdPJd4yY


My camera on the other hand had quite the dammage, lost the Kodak bage. On the front there was 3 impact areas on the plastic, a couple of deflection hit's and a few on the lense. But the big thing was the plastic on the tripod. It had been cut up by the glass shattering.

So remember kid's glass will shatter if you have enough Airsofters about! :P

Edited by cold_war_baby

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one of my buddies has a house next to a river and asked us if we wanted to do a D-Day/storm the beach Scenario, this is most of my team + a few extras, one of the kids fall off the side of the boat and into the water if you look closely.

The funny thing about this movie is, these actual german kids showed up with springers and asked if they could defend the beach from our assault


we pretty much ruined them...


+1 for America

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hey, i couldnt seem to find one in the thread, or maybe i missed it since i was skimming over it, but could anyone link me or upload a video of a sniper team or snipers in action? id really like to see that. thanks!

If they're proper snipers, you won't see a damn thing ;)

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