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I never even realised you could do this... might make this the default even at the risk of being banned from forum. Also, the way you stuck the dragon through the thumb hole... looked wrong. 

Made a mistake. That part no.17 that broke which I mistook for a hammer and corrected as being a disconnector is in fact a sear, as in THE main sear for the hammer. So I don't know what's going on whe

Is it odd I'm trying to read the newspaper?

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Hm, one more red dot version. :)


He useing CA Upper, which is also metal. I am useing King Arms upper.


CA uppers are great to make old replicas. Like Marui one, which have got HC-14-62 ring sight.


P.S. I saw that man before, when he released L86 A2 LSW GBBR just after i assembled my version. =)

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I was extreamly busy at work last few days, so late news (but still!) about my adapter for everyone who was interesting.


Main and most important thing - price. It's damn high for such adapter at my opinion (receiver itself, side rails, flash hider and scope NOT included) - if order 5 adapters from factory - price will be ~$190 (per one adapter and shipping excluded), if order 10 adapters from factory - price will be ~$150 (same, one adapter and excluded shipping). That way part will be fully made by machine and painted in black.


Let me know what do your think about it?

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I mean if we have more information about how it works we might be able to make a more informed opinion. 


Equally don't want to go wrecking my GB-Tech RD Upper for something I know very little about!




I have sent message to admins about where i may create such topic (which part of  Arnie forum), post pictures, some tech specs e.t.c. When i find place i will start topic and post link here, so we can move there.


And i hope my next weeked will be workfree!

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Don't remember reading anyone posting about the RA-Tech steel stop-on-empty lever thing, mine arrived today and installed it over my broken one, while I can't tell you whether it will eat up the cheese metal bolt soon, for once the tolerance was very good for an RA-Tech product, drop fits and swings freely under the spring's tension. 

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