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Arnie's get together for a game topic!


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Didn't mean to make things worse.


I have a long history of aggressively not being bothered by "differences" that regular morons exclude.


For that reason, although I am not seeking them out I do chat up ladies who perhaps don't otherwise get a lot of attention.


So, if a girl who is conventionally attractive gets chatted up a lot I might be a single voice in a crowd and not do so well as a percentage of total girls chatted up.


Compared to girls who have some feature that either they or the general (moronic, shallow) public find to be unattractive.  With those girls I may be the only guy who has shown an interest this week.

I am also not capable of subtlety which is why girls who perhaps lack self confidence and don't notice other guys' subtle flirting will definitely notice mine.  And we are back to being the only guy who is (as far as the girl knows) showing interest.


Therefore, perhaps these girls lower their standards a bit and I get a look in.


This is my thesis on why I seem to have had a lot of astonishingly hot, kind, sexy, thoughtful and lovely girlfriends who perhaps have features that general basic dudes don't want.


Extreme tallness, shortness, baldness or muscularity.  Being blind, deaf, or in a wheel chair.  Being from a racial minority or an unconventional religion.

Whatever, doesn't bother me.

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I'd rather agree with that. Got a tad girlish attitude towards meeting people.

Make me laugh and I'll really like you :). I stop caring much about the rest ^^.


That's why I created this topic, really. To have a good time, to have a laugh.



Laugh with me?

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Top tips:


Shooting?  Shoot people, it looks after itself.


Driving?  Drive cars, it looks after itself.


Stamina?  Run everywhere on missions or get a bike and do a lap of the island.


Flying?  Get gold medals at the LS flying school or just fly everywhere.


Health just goes up 20% every time your level does.  You can't do anything about that one.


Strength, Stealth and Lung capacity...


Play the Gerald missions. 


Strength, when the mission starts, punch people, everyone you see.  There will be no cops because you are in a Gerald mission.  Your strength will build up, you need to spend about an hour doing it.


Stealth, when the mission starts, go to a park or another wide open space, activate stealth and put something heavy on your W and D keys (Z and D on Azerty).  You character will walk slowly around in circles building up your stealth.  You can go for a cup of tea.


Lung Capacity, this is a ball-ache.

There is one mission called "Crystal Clear Out" for Trevor.  In it, you shoot a load of drug dealers, steal their drugs and then go to Trevor's caravan.

The drugs are on one side of a lake and Trevor's caravan is on the other.


What I do is get a Buzzard (L42 min I think, optional) and then kill all the druggies from the air.  2 speed boats full of reinforcements arrive and I kill them too.  Then I land, grab the drugs and dive into the lake.

Use the radar to swim towards Trevor (Shift to swim, mouse for direction), stay just below the surface.  When your breath bar goes down surface and re-dive in (Space bar).

It takes about 10 minutes to swim across the lake and if you do it about 8 times you will max out the Lung capacity bar.




Why do it during missions?



Because Rockstar have tied the RP and Money rewards for missions to the time taken to complete the mission, so the longer it takes the more money you get.

You should get 80,000 to 100,000 per hour grinding missions depending on how fast you go from one to another.

That way you can get paid to bump up your stats.


The missions on the screen after you finish one are randomly selected from missions you have completed so what I do is play a new one first and then it adds to the rotation, to select a new one go:

Pause menu>Online>Play Mission>Rockstar Created>Mission and then look for crystal clear out or whatever.


Martin's missions are challenging and fun.


Lemar's are garbage and frustrating and require other players.


Once you have it it will pop up every now and then, you don't have to grind it constantly, that gets onerous.


Top tips for making money:


Avoid using explosives, they are expensive.

If you can, try to use the same types of guns as the enemies so you can pick up their ammo and save even more money.

If you are really good, don't replace your armour between missions to save even more money.


If you can get a Pegasus vehicle with a gun (Buzzard at L42 is the obvious choice) you can pay $200 for the vehicle and then never use any ammo at all and save a fortune.

Armoured Limo, Insurgent and Technical are OK but you need to stop and get out to use the gun and you saw how that went.

Savage is the best single player helo but it is sluggish and slow and too big to easily fly between buildings.  You need skill.


You can't really use Helos for Gerald missions either because you keep blowing up the drugs.



This turned into a wall of text - sorry.


If anyone buys the game new and wants to power level their character, hit me up.


You can sit in the passenger seat of a helo while I grind for a while and hit about L12.

We can do the Fleeca heist for a few thousand dollars too.

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It is the strangest game.


In free-roam it is irritating to the max unless you have at least one friend on voice chat, then it is brilliant.


Heists are tough but fun, contact missions are 50:50 fun and not.


Yesterday, after L_B's friend signed off we went into free roam and a challenge activated:  Fly as far as possible, near the ground, upside-down.

I had amazing fun shooting around, 10 feet up, inverted.

As I played, the sun came up and the sky cleared and it felt like I was flying through space under an asteroid or somethign.


It was actually incredibly beautiful.



Then I clipped a tree and exploded.



Only open-world games have that kind of self-developing narrative.


I love it.

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I've had some really strange nights on GTA:O recently. One involved most of the 20 odd people in the server showing up at the desert rally track on BMX's, just to ride around it. Another had about 10-15 people holding a car meet, to show off their pimped out cars with hydraulics etc.


Its just weird when people aren't going ham trying to kill each other... ^_^

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Forgot to post my steam ID before, tis drakeuk


Play mostly the likes of warframe and Overwatch atm, but dabble with a bit of GTA-V now and then.


Not sure how often I'll be on over the need few weeks, as I'm moving over there to Englishland next week =E

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