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It is supposed to be a gorka e in izlom, but like in the multi it is just some form of digital flecktarn instead (which while there have been camo oversuits of it used in training, is not seen all that much).  Oddly enough when in the red light it almost makes one think of the "Tibetarn" for a moment.

Back on topic, I see they elected to go with the wire stock, but I wonder if the ability to retain a spare mag in the back is also going to be present.

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Wire stock saw more use I guess and the updated version with a rail didn't see a mag stock version. It's a cool idea but in practice you have a gun with shifting center of mass on top of it recoiling a lot for a 9mm.

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21 hours ago, Gunmane said:

I'll just leave this here, bring back some nostalgia. 

That Russian VoiceOver is bad... 😃 With some english accent. They are trying, but i spotted it instantly... something wrong. In such situation commissioner shoot spy instantly.

He is with true Russian language:


ANYWAY, it's nice to see PP-2000 in GBB.

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On 3/11/2019 at 8:24 AM, DrAlexanderTobacco said:

Looks cool. Now I can finally realise my Putin loadout



He's so wishing he had one of those back in the days when he did most of his killing himself. Look at his eyes, he's thinking of a guy he shot with an old Makorov in the dark from five feet away...


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big balls!
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