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WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)


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As first video  Its' show using GLOCK type magazine new SMG (or rifle)?
but all the focus is finally coming MARK III

The second video has more detail about out look ...


Next week I guess I will show you guys more more photo and video ... LOL

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These two products were on-line production item 

let's take look some detail photos





Classic slim~~



Magazine valve also have something different than old one




Tiny adjustable hop-up


Shell eject port much more like the real one 


It got 15mm dimension for "Hi-power" the name~~


My favorite position


Field disassembly


Test shooting...



This item were on assembly for now  .

Comes to market will very soon.

See you ~~




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16 hours ago, TheFull9 said:



I am getting there. This is my really rough WIP mock up using a broken slide and frame to see how the custom rear sight will look, probably won't be done anytime soon. Prime frame and slide coming too, plus 3D printed MSH in titanium (the one in the picture is PLA) and custom silencer being 3D printed too. Right now converting the WA floating valve system to a NPAS. 


Probably will not get a WE till this and a few other projects are done. But WE still manufactures guns from the late 2000's. I am not worried about it going anywhere.


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8 hours ago, TheFull9 said:

No manufacturer ever did the MGS3 pistol?  That's weird af cause I swear I saw the MGS4 offered (WA or something?) and the 1911 is one of the main characters in Snake Eater.

No, WA did one. It was fairly accurate. I wanted to do a full metal version using my own idea of what his 1911 would look like in 1964.


I have had a few Snake Match by WA, plus 4 slides I have used for references.

The original gun was built by Sheriff.co for Kojima back in 2003 using the older WA R-type system:


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