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Walther Picture Thread

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Yes I did the instalation myself!

It's a tricky gun, I took it apart several times ...

To be honest I'm not that eager to open it up again!


I have another PPK coming in in a few days, let me see it's condition. If it's OK I'll give you the parts.




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What. The. *fruitcage*. ?


Seriously I like that it is a PP but wow that gold just doesn't look right to me, just feels wrong on a quinessential 'spy gun'.



Surely it's not a spy/Bond gun.  The golden version belongs to the super villain instead ;)

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It's blatantly this, isn't it?


Oh if only I had that accent (or a Canadian guys voice that can do the accent) :P


Though I would be tempted to do such a loadout but for now it is more similar to the ones in Heat where everything is hidden-ish under a suit jacket on slings and the like. However instead of a large Colt Commando thing it is going to be a more sensible semi / full auto pistol with back up and a PPK/S would make a better back up I think than a full size 1911.



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Clearly says PPK/S on slide but that grip frame looks more PPK to me?


It's a PPK/S. The PPK has grips that wrap around the back of the frame and leave a large gap when removed. Still I see what you mean dimensions wise, it looks shorter. Maybe it is the flush fit magazine?



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Must be a PPK/S slide on a PPK frame.  Is that possible?  Theres a 1mm difference in slide length between the two I believe. Seems plausible.


Easily but that is still not a PPK frame. Also the 1mm difference is more likely pre and post WW2 PPKs in general. The pre WW2 one has the uglier nose while the post is the more common one we see and know of with the PPK/S having the sleeker front end.


This is a PPK frame, note the way the grips wrap the back of it: http://cdn1.waltherarms.com/wp-content/uploads/ppk-specs-slider.jpg


I still wish a proper PPK was made but maybe Maruzen had their design reasons for the PPK/S over the PPK?


EDIT: Oddly enough while searching for 'PPK Grips' that exact picture came up with the forum it was mentioned on: http://www.waltherforums.com/forum/pp-tp-series/29966-grips-smooth-checkered-2.html Seems to have it down as a Smith and Wesson reproduction of the PPK/S (post 2002) which explains the beavertail as well, added to reduce hammer bite.


It really, really is a slow day at work and I like Walther PPKs too much :P.



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