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Pictures of your Gear

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I just hate having the canteens on the sides because whenever i would dive down i would land on the canteens and nearly break my damn hips. I hate web belts lol.


Also the vest is not very practical, the magazine pouches are in horrible spots. Actually now that i think about it i was issued the same vest at my current unit (shows how much ive seen it, i bought my own pouches)

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Doesn't the radio REALLY get in the way there?


Nice gear indeed - the pics make it look like a Ranger Green carrier, though! :P


I like the sling, by the way. It looks like the BFG CIRAS sling I just got, spreading the weight down your back as well as on your shoulder(s).


Good ol LBV.  Do people still use this? :huh:



Heh, I guess you weren't issued a hydration pack? :P  I guess this is just issued to the soliders, but nobody actually uses it, and they all go buy their own gear?

I run one in greenside games - nice and flexible and holds the mags I need. I've dummy-corded a Camelbak Storm to it and it fits the need perfectly.


Interestingly, they are still used by soldiers, if rarely. I assumed the same, but saw a couple being used in Baghdad during the time Gunner Palace was filmed. The guys were using them over OTV armour carriers (Interceptors).

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not at all. although i wasn't sure until i shouldered my AEG. the butt stock sits about 0.3 meters to the left of the radio next to the strobe pouch. i am a 'lefty' :)


that sling cost me about 4 bucks to make. gotta love that!


i actually wanted a CIRAS, but just couldn't justify it.... :waggle:

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Sweet pics people! A few questions;


1) Foam inserts for BDU trous... where can I find more info on this? Can I use them in my current keks or do they need pockets on the inside for them?

2) Where did those that have the really cool tags on their kit get them from?

3) How do you tie a shemagh round your head for the middle-eastern look? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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